Child support laws when you remarry

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

How do child support laws work when you remarry? I pay my ex-wife alimony and child support. I am getting remarried and will have to fully support my new family.

Can I reduce my current child support and alimony obligations because of my remarriage and supporting my new wife?


Unfortunately, I do not practice law in your state, but I will give you some general information that should be helpful to you.

I do not believe there is any sort of an offset that occurs due to a remarriage and the support of a new spouse. If your current child support is being withheld from your wages, the percent that gets withheld per payment may decrease due to the remarriage.

However, in general, I do not believe that will allow your child support or maintenance amounts to be reduced.

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I cannot give you specific legal advice as I am not familiar with the facts of your case. For a more in-depth answer, please consult a family law attorney in your jurisdiction.

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