Modifying Support With An Out-Of-Court Agreement

out-of-court agreement

Question: Recently, I received a divorce decree stating I am required to pay child support even though my ex-wife makes substantially more than me and we share custody of our children. She has signed and notarized a document stating she does not intend to collect the child support payment. Will


Modifying Child Support When Arrears Are Owed

child support arrears

Question: I am trying to modify my current parenting time. Right now, because I only have 80 overnights, I owe my ex-wife child support. If I modify the plan to at least 110 overnights, she would have to start paying me child support. However, I owe more than $10,000 in


Why You Need A Divorce Attorney In An Amicable Divorce

divorce decree

There are plenty of marriages that end with an amicable divorce. A couple deciding they can’t remain married doesn’t mean they naturally hate each other. Many divorced couples remain great friends after calling it quits on their marriage. If you and your wife decide it’s time to divorce but are


How Relocation Affects Child And College Support

relocation and child support

Question: My ex-wife and I signed a separation and property settlement agreement in Connecticut in 2002. We have both since moved, she to New York where she lives with our daughter and me to New York. There was an article in the agreement regarding educational expenses that stated that I


Child Support Review When Expecting A Baby


Question: My child support is eligible for review this month to be increased. My wife and I are also expecting a baby in five months. Is there a way to delay the review until after our child is born so that the court will take into account that I now