Who Is Responsible For Child Support?

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Question: I recently had a child with a married woman who claimed she was separated. Since she is still legally married to another man, my name is not on the birth certificate. Legally, am I responsible for child support since I am not the father in the eyes of the


DadsDivorce Live: Filmmaker Exposes Unfair Family Courts

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Filmmaker Al Greeze recently produced a documentary titled, “Frustrated 2: Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe,” that takes an investigative look at many of the unfair practices by the state courts against fathers. Through research, personal account and testimonies from men who have dealt with these situations, the documentary examines the crucial


Attitudes Toward Paternity Leave Evolving

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It didn’t receive much media coverage, but recently CNN and Turner Broadcasting settled an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charge with former CNN reporter Josh Levs, who claimed the company’s paid paternal leave policy discriminated against dads. The settlement, which followed a change to CNN’s paid care-giving leave program allows paid


Paternity Fraud: A National Epidemic

paternity fraud

When paternity fraud is committed, it isn’t just the non-biological father who suffers. Paternity fraud is an act that leaves a throng of victims in its wake – from the real biological father who has been denied the right to know and raise his child to the child itself who


DadsDivorce Live: A Father’s Fight To Stop His Child’s Adoption

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Christopher Emanuel faced every unmarried father’s worst fear when he nearly lost his daughter to the adoption system despite his wishes. Fortunately, Emanuel was able to regain custody because he registered with South Carolina’s putative-father registry. Thirty-three states have a putative-father registry, which enables a man to declare himself as