DadsDivorce Live: Common Divorce Myths

divorce mythsWhen people find out you’re in the midst of a divorce, suddenly everyone has some advice on divorce or a story to share on what you should do.

However well-intentioned your friends and family’s legal advice on divorce is, they are usually misinformed. Lest they confuse you, here is the truth to those rumors you’ve heard.

Watch Cordell & Cordell attorney Jennifer Paine explain to editor Matt Allen the three most common divorce myths:

  • Nice Guys Finish Last
  • You Can Get Him For Abandonment
  • She Will Get Half Of Everything


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2 comments on “DadsDivorce Live: Common Divorce Myths

    Failed by the system
    Really, there is no nice guy when it comes to divorce. Attorneys and the ex want your money in which neither party really worked for. The responsible man and/or women provided for his family and busted their butt every day to keep the family together and they are the one who loses in the end and as if the court really cares. This whole divorce family court matter is just another financial transaction for an underserving spouse who we took care of and then got slapped in the face. Some job we put our life on the line, but where was the spouse when this happened. Simply stated, get married and do nothing for a while , get divorced and get paid.

    reality check
    Nice guys finish first? Not in divorce.

    Why? Because the opponent isn’t going to allow you to look like a nice guy — even if you are, especially if you are. You will be smeared and defamed and your own divorce lawyer will probably allow that to happen because that pumps up fees for both sets of divorce lawyers.

    It is naive to the extent of blatant falsity for a divorce lawyer to suggest that a court is going to take the time to figure out who is nice and who is not.

    Courts don’t want to deal with that issue.

    Being nice means that you will be taken advantage of by (a) your divorcing spouse and (b) her divorce lawyer and (c) your own divorce lawyer and (d) anyone else in the divorce industry who you will be funding.

    You can be nice or not nice. It won’t matter.

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