DadsDivorce Wishes You A Merry Christmas

holiday parenting timeTo our readers,

While the holidays are a time of joy for many families, that is not always the case when you have gone through divorce or are in the middle of one.

Divorced fathers often spend the holidays separated from their children, and that is heartbreaking. It is especially tough when it is your first holiday season as a divorced dad. Instead of warmth and happiness, you might be feeling isolated and lonely.

As tough as this is, it is important to keep in mind these emotions are all part of the healing process. DadsDivorce has produced numerous articles, videos, and podcasts to help guys like you through this difficult transition.

At DadsDivorce and Men’s Divorce, you can find resources that offer practical tips to help you through this time. On our Men’s Divorce Forum provides a community of men and fathers who have gone through similar experiences who can help you learn how to cope and strive after divorce. Our sponsor, Cordell & Cordell, is dedicated to giving men the legal resources they need to rebuild their lives after divorce.

We hope you are able to spend this time of year with your loved ones. For those of you who are not that fortunate, remember you are not alone.

Happy Holidays from DadsDivorce and DadsDivorce sponsor Cordell & Cordell.

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