The Saga of Tiger Woods

It’s official. After 9 months of rumors and speculation, Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, are now divorced. Terms have not been disclosed, but the two will “share parenting” time and reports estimate Elin will receive anywhere between $100 million to $500 million.

Since news first broke in late November of Tiger Woods affairs, the attorneys of Cordell & Cordell have written articles for this site and and have been interviewed by media nationwide, including The Wall Street Journal, about what Tiger did wrong (other than the obvious affairs), what he did right, and what he should have done.

The Wall Street Journal This Morning

Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell was interviewed by Gordon Deal, host of The Wall Street Journal This Morning.

The firm’s CEO offered insightful commentary on such elements of the high-profile divorce as to the nature of the rumored prenup, the difference in the various states where the couple own homes in terms of distribution of wealth after divorce, likely strategies pertaining to renegotiation of their prenup, and issues such as Woods’ alleged sex addiction.

Listen to Cordell explaining the divorce options available to the world’s most famous athlete as he goes through what is sure to be among the world’s most high-stakes divorce.


Tiger’s Prenuptial Agreement

Most recently, Cordell wrote a column for about the issue of prenuptial agreements and what Tiger could have done differently.

Cordell explains how a prenup could affect your case.


The Cost of Apologizing

When Tiger, shame-faced and sullen, broadcast his apology on national TV, Cordell & Cordell attorney Jennifer Paine was quick to point out the strategic disadvantage Tiger put himself in by apologizing.

Read how apologizing in your divorce can affect your case in the article, “Deserved Apology or Dangerous Admission? The Secret Cost to Saying ‘I’m Sorry.'”


What The Tabloids Got Wrong

After the news first broke about Tiger’s numerous infidelities, we sorted through and untangled the tabloid myths for you. Read about the divorce myths “If it hadn’t happened…” and “Staying together is better for the children.”

Part 2 addressed common divorce rumors “You better say something!” and “He’s fine because he has a prenup.”

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2 comments on “The Saga of Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods divorce
    I think we all agree that Tiger caused this mess. In Joseph Cordell’s article on (link below) he wrote, “This whole mess can be easily avoided: When you decide to marry, you make the commitment to dedicate yourself to your wife. The best way for Tiger to have avoided this crisis would not have been with a better prenup, but by being a better husband.”

    Terrible Advice
    What terrible advice. How to get a stronger prenup and make your wife keep quiet about the bad things you do? What Tiger should have done differently is pretty simple. If he hadn’t cheated so outrageously and callously, he wouldn’t have had to worry about covering up his behavior. He would probably still be married and have custody of his kids and his money.

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