What Does Child Support Actually Cover?

what should child support cover?

By Matt Allen

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You’ve arrived home from work and as you sort through the day’s mail you see there’s a note from your ex-wife asking for payment for Tommy’s new baseball uniforms and asking you to pick up some new clothes and toiletry items for Susie when she comes to stay with you next weekend.

But wait a minute; you’ve paid your child support this month and on time like you have every other payment.

With all the money you are paying for child support, why are you being asked to provide additional support to cover these other expenses?

It begs the question, what does child support cover?

Obviously the laws determining what child expenses are not included in the direct child support vary by state. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific child custody laws in your state as much as possible. In general, extracurricular activities, uninsured medical expenses and educational expenses are NOT included in the basic child support amount unless specifically included in a settlement agreement, according to Cordell & Cordell partner Spencer Williams.

He said child support generally covers food, clothing and shelter-type expenses.

How Much Should You Be Paying?

State Child Support Calculators

But when you’re asked to cover expenses you think child support should be covering, you need to think of child support differently, said Michigan Divorce Lawyer Jennifer Paine, another Cordell & Cordell men’s divorce attorney.

“Parents tend to think about child support as a one-way street: I pay support to you for our children, and you are responsible for using that money to support our children,” Paine said. “Most state child support schemes, however, calculate child support as a two-way street: you pay support to me and I to you, and we pool the support and each take a share.”

While your child support payments are generally a set amount, the calculations used to reach that amount are largely guesstimates of the amount of support a child needs to needs to sustain a standard of living near the marital standard of living, according to Paine.

child support divorceSo the support you pay is only the share your kids need while they are with your ex-wife. You are still responsible for support during your time, just as your ex-wife is still responsible for support during her time.

“As my father said after my sister crashed our first car in high school, you can never know completely when and how much your children will cost you,” Paine said.

Paine warns to be cautious, though. Remember to track your spending during your parenting time if you believe your ex-wife is not using the support you pay to actually support your kids.

Keep a journal of what your kids bring to parenting time and what they end up needing from you during parenting time. Keep receipts of what you buy and request reimbursement for an amount you think is reasonable.

Are you constantly spending a lot of money on everyday items your kids have such as toothpaste or underwear?

“If you are purchasing ordinary items, this may be a sign that your ex-wife is not using the support properly,” Paine said. “You may have reason to investigate and to motion your court for contempt against her for diverting support.”

When you meet with your attorney, be sure to bring your original divorce decree to show what factors the court took into consideration when setting the original support amount.

For more information on child support laws and how much you should be paying, contact Cordell & Cordell to speak to an attorney in your state.

Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.

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    I guess I’m horrible then being a mother except I’m not a mother receiving child support. My ex has custody and I pay him. Plus, I basically see my son 1-2x a year & if I’m lucky he’ll receive a huge payment from me & he’ll blow it on a nice vacation, clothes for him & his girlfriend rather than using my support on my son. But he’ll let me have my son for a week whenever he’s wanting to partying it up with my money that’s supposed to be going towards my son’s needs that’s a proven fact. Anyways i could go on & on about what a con scum my ex is so anywho I have a question. This past month I had to find out my son was in the ER by receiving a bill in the mail. The past 8 years my son has lived with my ex & now they have been living off my exes dying father because that’s what he does. I’ve never received a bill because he scams State assistance by lying about his wages & household status. I’m on Medicaid because of my disabilities & my youngest son’s father is behind $18,000 in child support to me that I’ll never see. Somehow my ex got Aurora to put my son’s ER bill in my name even though he doesn’t live with me. I didn’t sign any paperwork they have you sign when you get checked into your room. So I don’t understand how he was able to have me as the payor to this debt without my knowledge nor presence during this medical visit. Can anybody clue me in please? He knows just like I know, if you’re on Medicaid it only covers you & your children that live with you. Hell, the hospital billing dept knows this so what the heck! I’m guessing that he lost Medicaid or he didn’t renew his eligibility because from my knowledge it’s always been his insurance is primary then mine. If I carry insurance then he’d receive less child support & he never wanted that when he got free state insurance. After insurance he pays 50% & I pay 50%. So how did this happen 8yrs down the road especially without my knowledge? Can’t I sue him? If he forged my name & lied about his medical responsibilities shouldn’t that be subject to criminal charges? The bill isn’t in collections yet but I was told by collections today that there has been more charges added to this very billing account! I’m just furious and it’s taking everything for me to hold back calling the ex and snap.

    I have a 5 month old child with my ex, I’ve provided whatever he needs since he was born and I’ve told her that I will be in his life and will pay for anything he needs. She keeps saying that I still need to give “him” a monthly allowance. For what? If I’m willing to provide anything for him, does that mean that she will not pay for anything at all? I’m not understanding. Can someone advise me pls.

    I do believe that sex education and pre treatment during puberty is a solution which may be soon enforced . Equality is different catering fairness for women so be it Men too! If young men are educated and the handicap of horomonal spike lifted, I think we would not have the epidemic of single mothers or even a majority divorce rate. I think Marriage could be left to real mature adults who have better understanding of who their partners are long before children come into play. Theyre plenty of children needing parents . It is the ignorance and ultimate greed to birth a child this day in age ..

    I believe you are wrong. You will never be able to curb that hormonal spike. The epidemic of there being so many single mothers is caused by the broken family court systems especially in New York State. They actually make it more appealing for a woman to leave her husband because when they go to family court i like to call it Disneyland for women. The support magistrate pulls out his calculator and orders 17% of your gross not net for one child and 20% on up for more than one child. Any other requests by the mother are usually granted without question. Fathers are treated like scumbags that somehow wronged the family.

    I will spare my real thoughts on this matter. To all the Men who think Sex is a good thing right along with the Marriage culture ritual that destroy young Mens lives at the very start I say its too bad so sad. Thats exactly what the judges say if you fail to pay as you end up in jail! Every Testicle dropped boy has these biological brain stimulated behavior that our society has taxed imprisoned and chastized nearly every hetero male for. I think its time that our Court systems stop promoting Young Men like sheep to slaughter promoting Marriage and hiding the facts in order to trap young dumb males into ruin. Faith and rightousness will not pay or support wrong choices made under false horomonal lust . Marriage would seldom be called for nor should it because of a Love sick boy who has not been given a clear head to see the truth! I think a equalizing age limit for Young men needs to be set as well as maybe a nuetralizing pill to slow the testosterone level for a period should clear a Mans mind before he ever signs his life and future over to another and court system waiting for his ruin. I dont think that our govt or business sector truly cares about our Male youth at all or something close to this would have been already law.

    I have my kids Thursdays after school until Sat at 1pm one week and then Thursdays after school until Sunday at 7:30PM the next.

    During the school year, they are at my home nearly half the time. I would also argue that since I am the primary parent on the weekends, its the most expensive time to have them.

    I pay CS. $530 and then I have back child support of about $250. Because when we split, she took off with the kids. I was the one to open the court case. I was the one that did everything to get them back in my life. She fought me out of spite and it took a year so I then had to pay back CS for a years worth of time and then some.

    I, on my on will, pay for chess classes, ski and snowboard, Navy Cadets.

    But my ex is always going through the kids an having them to ask for things.

    CS should be all the parent has to pay period, and it should be against the law have the kids ask for more.

    I pay for the kids when they are with me, and I pay for them when they are with her.

    It would be cheaper, and I know they would get more, if I just took care of them and she was not in the picture.

    Try to remember that this is temporary. Once the kids grow up, then all of this stops. Kids aren’t stupid, they know who is providing for them and who isn’t. When you have to pay for extra stuff, think of it as an investment in your kids. When you are old, how are they going to remember you?

    Also document everything and talk to your lawyer. If your kids ask for something, you can get it for them, but keep it at your house and don’t send it with them.

    Good afternoon. My daughter (6) mother (we never married) just informed me that she is signed up for 2 extracurricular activities after school on Mondays and Tuesdays (her mothers nights). She told me i have to pay half, yet i work those nights and will not be able to attend. She gets 850$ a month in child support. Our court agreement says i have to pay 67% for child care and medical expenses but says nothing about extracurricular activities. Am i still required to pay?? Please help!!


    Have your support modified 850 is too much for 1 kid unless your making like around 6 figures plus. If your signed divorce papers. Say nothing about extras then you don’t have to pay anything as this is optional.

    My fiance pays his ex wife 1200 a month for 2 children. On top of that he pays half of all sports, extra curricular activities, pays for their health insurance, and pays for their phones. The ex wife will ask for half of everything, including asking for $20 for Halloween costumes. I find this absurd. She works 3 days a week, and the kids are older so there is no excuse she shouldn’t work more to pay for things while they are with her. Is this normal? I haven’t had to deal with this issue before. It’s sad seeing moms brainwash their children, even when the dad is doing all they can to support them.

    I’m in a similar boat, my husband pays 2200 monthly plus pays for all extra curricular activities because she declines to. She works 2 days a week but “is a struggling single parent”. When it comes down to payments it really depends on what is in the agreement. If he agreed to pay for all those things he will have to unless he wants to go to court again to challenge it.


    Your guy must make close figures then based on these numbers. If he’s not the that support need modification.

    I’m writing for my husband. He and His ex-wife has joint custody of their kids. Now his ex-wife encourage ( brainwash) their daughter to stay with her and want to charged him for child support because of some reason; she is staying with her mother( it is the daughter’s decision to stay with her mom even on the father’s custodial days, I mean she refuses to stay on her father’s house because she wants to) , second was the daughter asked for a aeropostale jeans and her father told her he already bought her new clothes and she’s asking for branded clothes. I am confused and I would like to hear some inputs about this.

    Sounds like my situation. Ive been in this for 14+ years…….If your husband pays child support, it covers Clothes, Shelter, Food etc……..He does not have to purchase these things whatsoever unless he choses too. These are extras……
    Look at his Divorce papers. For example, my husbands state he must cover 50% of medical costs. So, he sends half of all co pays, etc. A big $10 here and there that she asks for….
    If she is joining school activities, and the bio mom needs assistance paying half, then do so if you know she truly needs it. Don’t allow them to take advantage on unnecessary purchases. Those extras that he spends could be used for the important things she truly needs.
    I don’t know how old your stepchild/children are……but I know first hand how stressful it can be when the bio mom feeds the child(s) lies about you and your husband……You take yourself out of the situation…..allow your husband to deal with her how he feels is best, but make sure you have your opinion and input on any and all decisions as you are his wife. Not her…….

    I give my ex all the money I can and it’s never enough. Now my new wife and son are suffering. I’m current on all support payments and she is a doctor, with us living in a house that’s half the appraised value of hers. I spend over $1,400 per month every month to take care of my daughter. When is enough enough? Texas has the most unfair laws for dad’s who do th right thing.

    I agree with you they seem to look at us Father’s like we are garbage it doesn’t make any sense that us Father’s that care and want to be with our kids have to pay all that money to they mother and they expect us to still make a living when they take half of what you make it’s not fair for us good Father’s out there

    totally agree. the law is always on women s side. texas law is very reckless and irresponsible. it seems to me that the law is in the best interest of kids but women.

    totally agree. the law is always on women s side. texas law is very reckless and irresponsible. it seems to me that the law is NOT in the best interest of kids but women.

    My husband pays his ex about $100K per year for his 4 kids. His ex wife doesn’t work. Hasn’t in 26 years. She just lives large. Her kids haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years whatsoever. I’m considering contacting CPS over it. It’s disgusting. I pay for their medical and dental insurance (I have a job and a child of my own). Oh, and the girls get haircuts ONCE per YEAR. They are filthy and neglected but they are Latino and go to an expensive private school in Dallas so they fulfill a needed quota. No one dare notice that my 13 year old stepdaughter behaves like she’s 6. It’s disgusting. There should be no child support. Every adult that brings a child into the world should be 50% morally and financially responsible. There should be no free rides for money grubbing, lazy, useless, negligent “parents.”

    I don’t know why so many want to see what the mother spends on the child or children. My ex wife gets a large amount in wife support and child support. Still wants to borrow money so she can party not child but her. The courts left me 20.00 to live on while I pay 1,500. on child support.. I want my child to have and 500. on wife support. The funny thing she was a cheater from the start. The child is not my child but thought she was but I was there at birth and 14 years thinking I was the real dad. I am her dad but not her father… still have child support. I now have to live with my parents .. got a second job… guess what now child and wife support went up still left with 20.00 and have to keep the second job. I am 40 years old not a kid or young father. It was her lawyer .. she is dirty but good for the client… that wasn’t me. But if I had fought… there would have been a very hurt child who also thinks of me as her dad. As hard as it is on me and my senior parents for me to move back home. I will be the dad that she has known from birth. Sad the mother doesn’t even know who the real father is could be one out 25 other men she was cheating with .. many have moved out of state. I will not hurt my daughter and she will always be my daughter. Just be thankful that you are the real father .. cause it hurts like hell-o to find out you are not the real dad. The ex wanted to prove she was a saint only to show the child wasn’t mine. I am the one who wanted to pay so my daughter would not be hurt.. the child does not know the court findings. I will always protct her. I am now just poor.

    Can I please get some advice to see if my child support covers my kids book list for 2017?
    CSA just doesn’t clarify my questions which causes tension and arguments between all parties.
    I pay 50% off the school fees as the kids attend a catholic school.
    My child support is $1,800 per month, but I really do need clarity as to what is and isn’t included.
    The children live interstate from myself and I only see them on school holidays.
    Really appreciate any credible feedback.

    Going through a divorce and my wife moved out around Easter this year. She took our 3 kids with her and they live with her parents free of charge. No mortgage, no rent, no utilities. My wife’s parents also watch the kids free of charge. Therefore she has no transportation expense taking the kids to daycare. Meanwhile, I’m stuck paying the mortgage and all of the utilities on our marital property. Is it possible the court will deviate downwards on child support to a lesser amount? Any insight would be appreciated.

    No. The court doesn’t really care about you. It’s an assembly line mentality. It’s all based on the formula to calculate child support from income. Fairness is not considered. You could argue the point, but I don’t think you’ll get much mileage out of it.

    First of all, good job staying in your house. Don’t complain about paying the bills. You say you are “going through a divorce” so I assume the divorce decree has not yet been completed correct? The only way to get a deviation on child support guidelines is if you can get equal (or more) time than the other parent. There is a 50-50 “Arizona 5-2-2-5” schedule that gives equal time and instead of paying typical guideline child support (20-25% or more of net resources of the non custodial parent), the parent with the higher income pays a percentage of the “difference” between the two parent’s salaries. I strongly recommend you try for this. It might not be allowed, but it’s what I consider a truly fair agreement because it considers both parents to be equal, and only bases child support on the difference of their income.

    If however your former wife doesn’t yet work, I doubt you will get the 5-2-2-5, 50-50 plan. You might however try to have the agreement changed to that when she is employed, or after a certain number of years.


    Focus on you my friend. Does the below sound about right?

    Your ex wife was not happy for what ever reason so she moved out and into her parents home with the kids. You received divorce papers being served at work and within these papers you also received a prelight order for child support that’s between 34-40% of your monthly net take-home pay.

    sound about right so far? Your not stuck with this house and bills sell the home, rent it out or just walk away and let It foreclose. shut off the utilities and get into a roommate situation. Live on as little as you can, side hustle to make more money. Save, save , save. one day the child support will come to an end. when its all said and done you will have a great nest egg of money saved where if you stayed with her you would have what I did nothing and being paycheck to paycheck.

    Live for you go MGTOW and forget woman. The courts will not lower anything for you. Just look at this in a positive way 34-40% of your income is better than when she had 100% of it right?

    Good luck!

    You arent kidding. My wife has a serious gambling problem. A year and a half ago she decided to pick up with the kids and leave. She made a good living but always blew it gambling which left me with mortgage, utilities, two car payments with insurance, and the kids expenses. Not to mention food. I have always hated doing the finances so it was her job until she put us in bankrupcy. I fought with her to take it over for a while. Then when we were close to our next bankrupcy i succeeded and averted it. She was not happy about the sudden loss of control so she started trying to sabotage me by overdrafting my checking account nearly every week. Constant arguments that she later described in family court as verbal abuse and she used this so called verbal abuse to acquire a team of free attorneys from unity house. This woman is the worst kind of person. She is also a compulsive liar and a thief. She has stolen money from not only me but our children and my parents. Needless to say this experience has cleared my mind and made sure i will never ever trust another woman as long as i live. Btw i am stuck dealing with her for about 8 more years because we have two children.

    My ex wife deliberately encouraged my 15 yo daughter to stop seeing me so she could get more money from child support. She is now encouraging this daughter move interstate (ACT) to attend another high school and live with her cousin in the ACT as she attends this school, all without consultation or mediation with me. Is this possible and how does my daughter living arrangements while attending this school interstate affect my child support payments as she will not be living with her mother either

    I don’t know what your original divorce decree says, but what your ex wife is doing sounds inappropriate and something you could get a judgement against since it reduces the time you could spend with her. My own divorce gave me equal rights on deciding education, and I also had a geographic restriction on my wife so she could not move outside our county.

    You should definitely get an attorney and discuss what can be done to prevent her from moving your daughter out of state.

    I am in the process of having child support modified. My son is 21 & in the military & my daughter is 19, living on her own, working full time, & going to school. The only child remaining is 16 that I’ll have to pay for. When their mother was served, she threatened to counter sue for 15 years of co-pays & school supplies. She ran off with out children to a different county after our divorce. I have been back in their lives since 2010 & helping as much as possible with school clothes, vehicles, school supplies, and ect. Can she really hold me accountable for 15 years of supplies and co pays when she never asked for help, or told me when they were going to the doctor? I know there was recently a law passed where they can go back, but exactly how far back can she go? Especially knowing she never contacted me when she needed these funds?

    I don’t think she can retroactively charge you for 15 years of co-pays and school supplies unless the original divorce decree specifically stated that you are responsible for it. It is typical that both parents split 50-50 uninsured costs like co-pays and medications.

    I have been paying childsupport for all 3 of my kids 2 are adults know and I’m done with them, paying support the last one is 15 ,he never wants to be with me never calls me unless he’s untroubled or needs something, lately has been shoes, clothes, the last time I saw him he was wearing old shoes and clothes, he call me and fell me he was hungry, it hurts me to hear this I know the mother does not use the money for him and brain washed his head that I left them, and that I don’t live them with is not true I have been there and still there, I love my kids but don’t know or understand, the mother uses drugs she is homeless know and leave my son with his sister or aunts, disappears for days, he does not see a dime of the childsuooort he tells me himself, but I know the court or the people from childsuppirt don’t care or bereaved me, why should I keep paying when he does not get it for him his needs, I have a new kids ,that are suffering from me working so much to pay and support .i gotten. To the point were we almost became homeless do to the money I give her for my son, with if he got it would be OK but he does not see a dime, he suffering as well, what can. I do…

    In my divorce decree it states I need to pay for insurance on a specific type of car my ex wife had. She has since gotten a new car. Do I have to pay the insurance on the newer car or just what the insurance was on the older car & she pays the difference.

    Hello, I pay child support for our two kids and for extracurricular activities. My eldest son has music classes at school (he receives grades for it as part of the school curriculum). My ex wife asks me to contribute to te rental of the trombone.

    Should this be part of the child support or considered an extracurricular activity, though it’s part of the school curriculum?

    Thank you


    My ex-husband is supposed to be giving me $500 a month for child support, which he has not been doing for the longest. He refuses to give this amount directly to me and only sends me $150 a month and he pays the daycare directly. The money ($150) he gives me is on a separate account for our daughter and whatever her extra needs may be. We do alternate weeks but due to his job sometimes he is gone for three weeks and sometimes even a month or 2 throughout the year. during that time I take care of my daughter and when he comes back he will only get her for 2 weeks straight and then we go back to our regular schedule. I have asked him to start sending the whole child support to me directly and I will handle the payments of the daycare as well as her school lunches. He refuses to do this but there have been occasions when he has been late. I only use the daycare if the afternoons as I am at work and don’t usually use their morning services, however he does as his wife refuses to wake u early and drop my daughter off at school. He also refuses to give me the paperwork for the daycare expenses so that I can claim my daughter childcare expenses. He says he doesn’t have to as he pays for daycare (using the child support money he is supposed to give to me directly). My question is what can I do to get him to pay the child support to me directly? and how can I prevent him from denying me access to the childcare paperwork so that it could be claim in taxes. Every time I ask he asks like he has been doing me a favor? Thanks. I am frustrated with this situation and truly wish my daughter would grow up so that I won’t have to deal with this crap.

    I would do is take him to domestic relation and fill paper work out and then get a lawer and take him to court becauae he has to give you the child support because if u take him to domestic relation they will take the money right out of his pay check and send it to you and the same way as for custody too

    Obviously you do not live in NewYork. Here they track down your employer and take the support before he would ever see it. Petition him into court because child care expenses are totally separate from support. A standard agreement is usually 50/50 on child care. I would ask if there is a support collection unit in your county or state that will take it directly from his paycheck.

    Just a quick question, do I still have to pay child support for my 16 year old son who is currently living in an in-patient facility because he’s a troubled kid. The Ex has custody of him but sent him off to live in this facility for 1 year. My health insurance is paying for his living expenses and food. Should I still be paying child support?

    This world is so broken. Marriage was never meant to be broken. Read the bible. Is it any surprise there is so much drama from divorce remarriage etc. It was not part of Gods plan. Yet we got ourselves into a mess and want an easy way out. My ex cheated and left us. He tried to avoid payments, forgot and tried to use my very compassionate side to get out of paying. He never pays for tutoring classes or camp. He didnt want the kids so I have the kids full time. He comes visits them in my rental at his convenience when hes bored maybe 2x a week. For my kids I allow this. He parties every weekend and complains laws suck and he shouldn’t have to pay support. He is selfish beyond belief. I see some men drop it all for their kids. I am raising my kids alone, I work, I go see teachers, doctors etc and he goes off free to live minus some of his salary for a few years. He’s free to date, marry and raise more kids because he doesnt want responsibility to raise his current kids. I don’t have this luxury. My priority is my kids. If a new lady marries him she should not be bitter that he has a duty to his kids and ex financially according to the legal agreement. That’s the least he can do. And I’m only speaking for narcissistic men like my ex. Please do look at both sides of the coin and fulfill your duties to your family even if you’ve remarried.

    There are good fathers just as there are bad fathers.

    My husband’s ex-wife did everything she could to keep him from seeing their child. In addition to that, she raked him over the coals for child support and tried to get day care expenses factored into the ordered support amount even though she wasn’t taking their son to day care. She continuously demands money for this, that, and the other. Every other weekend when we have my stepson there is some kind of ridiculous battle, and it all boils down to money. She went so far as to tell my husband that their son wanted to move in with us and was perfectly okay with it until she found out she’d lose the child support money and might actually have to pay some herself. She lives with her parents and doesn’t have any bills, so it is obvious none of the $400/month is going to the child and we have no idea where it is actually ending up. Considering HER PARENTS are the ones raising her two kids, if anyone should be getting any money it should be THEM.

    It is sad and disgusting how people (often times mothers) will use their kid for money.

    In the divorce documents my ex wife is required to pay half of dental expenses and kids school lunch balance and she isnt doing it, what are my options?

    I am a step mother to three kids, one of whom is still a minor. Their mother lives on food stamps and in Section 8 housing. She refuses to work so you can imagine how much child support means to her. She has the kids on Medicare.

    I have a good job with employer-sponsored health and dental coverage. I would like to add the kids to my plan so they have better health insurance, but I fear that their mother will not pay half the premiums and half the expenses that insurance will not cover, although the divorce decree states that she must. If the costs are not mitigated by lowered child support payments, I will not be able to afford to add them to my health plan (she will do what she can to break my bank with health care costs, I guarantee it).

    So I guess my question is– how does that work? We pay child support through our local ORS. Will they lower the child support amount or do they go after her for the health care costs?? If she doesn’t pay her share do I have to take her back to court? I am so lost and don’t know enough about this system to even know what to ask ORS when I do call them.

    I settled a divorce through a mediation. At the time of my divorce, my ex wife was working and her salary was pro-rated into the CS formula where the difference between the two were equated. She quit her job about a year ago and I just recently re-evaluated my CS payments as it has been 3 yrs since the initial mediation and my salary has increased. The new CS increase I am given is now not taking her past salary into the equation. I’m thinking it doesn’t matter if she quits her job as I did read up online for this point. Not really sure though. She also opted to take my daughter under her health care as there was zero cost for hers, while mine was not. She has since re-married and has placed my daughter under her new husband’s coverage. Also zero cost. I have given her the option to come under mine but she chooses not to. Our mediation also decreed that if she no longer has health coverage, my daughter would come on mine and she would be responsible for 47% of all costs, and 53% for me. I guess my question is does this hold true still if she no longer has a job, which you willingly quit under her re-marriage?

    Per my divorce decree my child support for my son is to go directly to the daycare and to her car payment. My son just started kindergarten and is no longer in daycare. Do I have to automatically start paying her the money I was paying for daycare? Or does she have to file a modification in child support? Also the decree states she has to provide her own car insurance? My name is the primary on the car loan so if insurance is not kept on it I can be sued. I have been keeping the car insured for the past 19 months her portion of what I’m paying is $100 per month. She also is not following the decree in telling me where she and my son live nor telling me about any medical or dental issues my son has. I have to find out when I get the bill, which she is to pay 33% of but she has not payed any. How do I go about getting reimbursed that money from her?

    What kind of court approved that? Child support is money paid to take care of the needs of the child not the car payment of the mother. Wow.

    my son pays child support for his son who lives in iowa, his son is on medicaid, but my son has been ordered to pay health insurance too. is that legal?

    I pay child support plus 68% of medical and I have my son every other weekend. Question is now she want my to help with daycare cost . In my divorce papers there is nothing saying I must help pay for this.

    I pay child support , I have no problem with it. I pay for all my sons things for when he is with me 40% of the time. Again no problem. The court order states half of all uninsured cost need to be paid with in 30 days of notice. She is a school teacher and the health care cost is taken out of her check. She will not provide a copy of her check or the amount taken out. She has not sent anything other than a text stating I owe this much. I have repeatedly asked for an invoice or some kind of bill…. I am now being taken back to court for contempt chargers by her. My question is are the text messages stating an amount owed a legal notice ? They are not itemized nor explained . They are just you owe me $$$$ you have 30 days to pay

    Just a question to others who have been divorced and have children who are high school age. Does the child support check include those extra costs that parents get to pay those high activities fees for sports, shoes for basketball, volleyball, picture fees for school, sporting events, orchestra fees/rental fees for instrument or buying of a new instrument, school trip fees, confirmation fees, prom dress/tuxedos fees, senior pictures, clothing and school supplies fees, graduation cap/gown, graduation invitations, graduation party and supply fees? I am just wondering if one has to go back to court to ask for help in paying 50% of the cost for all these extras. My family member gets $217 a month for her 3 children. She hasn’t asked her ex for anything, but recently asked if he would help pay half of the cost of a prom dress for their daughter. He told her that she would have to take him to court, because he feel that is what his child support is to pay. The kids love both their mom and dad, but it saddens me to watch my nieces are scared to death to ask their dad for anything, because they know what he will say……that is what i pay child support for……….This guy for years has tried to cheat the system for years and finds a way to do it. He has quit his job to work for cash so he has no proof of income……Now graduation is coming this year. My niece really wants to take senior photos, but here we go again, he is not willing to pay 1/2 to share the costs. He says thats why he pays child support. I had my niece here last week and I watched her talk about all her friends have taken their senior pictures. She sat there quietly and didn’t say anything and didn’t complain, but You could see in her eyes that she really wants to take pictures, but her mom can’t afford to do it all right now and buy all the school clothes and supplies before school. II wonder if he has a clue what a prom dress, hair and make up for prom or senior pics cost. I just took my daughters last year and I know what it costed me. It breaks my heart that this is what divorce has to do….

    My health insurance don’t cover the kids where they live. Am I responsible to find different insurance that can cover them there or is my ex responsible? I live in Corsicans tx and they live in Austin

    My ex is trying to get me to pay for half of our sons car that she bought him and half of the insurance ? Should I have to pay this , even if I’m not financially able to ?

    My divorce decree states support termination upon my youngest child’s 18th birthday (9/2014). Without concern, I decided it in my daughter’s best interest to continue support through high school graduation. My oldest is finishing his 2nd year of college and I did not terminate support on his 18th birthday. I provide their medical coverage. I will file to terminate support once my youngest graduates high school in 6/2015. Once I file to terminate support for both children 6/2015, am I required to continue to carry medical coverage for both? They reside in Illinois. I am out of state. Ages are 18 and 21.
    Thank you for your feedback.

    we split healthcare cost for our kids, but my ex goes for the most expensive she can find. No generics at all and if the purple flower cast is more than the white, she picks it. I’ve ask for compromise but she refuses. And she doesn’t actually pay anyway, someone else pays her part. Am I really responsible for ultra deluxe care when affordable is just as good? I want my kids to have the best care, but that doesn’t mean the most expensive every single time.

    My ex-husband pays me $1250 in child support each month for our 3 children. We are trying to reconcile expenses. Sports are called out separately in our agreement, but would that include team fund-raising costs, for example, buying a table for a trivia night fundraiser for one child’s baseball team. Should be split that cost the same way “sports’ costs are split? He seems to be interpreting it differently. I think the equipment and the costs of fundraising should be split the same way (70/30). He is splitting it 50/50, but won’t communicate if that was an error or intentional.

    Also, because I receive child support, am I responsible for stocking his house with kids’ clothes and toiletries? Isn’t that what the visitation credit is supposed to cover?

    Extra curricular activities.
    My ex only pays $254 a month for child support for 2 boys. Out of that I have to pay for all their care, school supplies and extra activities, hair cuts, clothes, shoes. The only thing he provides for them when they are with him is food (he lives with his mom so she is the one providing). Payments come on time because they come directly out of his check. The very few times I have asked him to either take the boys to get a haircut or new shoes I get stonewalled with “I don’t have to do that, that’s what child support is for”. And I don’t have a comeback to that b/c essentially that’s what it’s for but I only ask at back to school time when there are a ton of extra expenses, now that the kids have decided they want to be in cub scouts and basketball I need to ask him to do a little extra but I don’t know how to go about it? I know I don’t have a leg to stand on but, $254 only goes so far……

    Does CS from a previous ex affect the amount of CS I’m expected to pay?
    If my ex gets child support from her first husband for their 2 children, does that amount affect my child support to her for our son? We did the online child support calculator but it never asked if she gets child support from a previous marriage.

    My husband and I have his kids visitation every wed evening and every other weekend.
    The kids were never sent with a bag of extra clothes for the weekend. We have to buy clothes for them every season changing.
    Not just clothes but anything they need while in our care. Hygiene supplies as well.
    The kids are always, absolutely always, handled to us filty (the 3 years old came to us with beach sand on her hair and her intimate parts twice after being taken to the beach by the mother one day before visitation) terrible dressed, dirty and old clothes, and sometimes not even appropriate clothes; winter, low 20ties outside, snow and they came wearing rubber rain boots and thin socks.
    When my husband complained she said the boots were lost somewhere in the house and she didn’t have time to find them. Lie, because two weeks after we seen the kids wearing Uggs boots with her.
    Also recently she has been saying that my husband has to pay half of the school supplies, and the kid started the school only with half of his list. We would help if we could.
    Last year my mother in law, sent a new backpack full with school supplies. We saw the backpack only once, she refuses to explain what she did with it.
    We asked for the school supplies list marked down the items she bought, and the receipts that she paid, no answer. She wants the money, not the supplies.
    Last year she lost a few hundreds putting the kid on soccer and he didn’t want to play, she text my husband saying she accidentally paid one of his bills, asking him the money for that bill. She never sent any receipt of this payment, because she was actually trying to get the money she lost on the soccer classes back.

    Is she on her right to ask my husband to provide school supplies?
    Is she supposed to send the kids with a bag of extra clothes for the weekends?

    My husband is a city employee so his payments comes out of his pay check always in time.

    No and no. Child support can be used for school fees. My husband’s ex tries this all the time, asking for him to pay for school fees but not giving us actual bills. We caught her lying about it when I called the principal and asked for a copy, and lo and behold, not only were school fees not $140/year for a public school, she hadn’t even paid the $70 she claimed to have. If your husband ever feels like being generous and contributing to sports fees, etc., pay the school directly so you know where the money actually goes.

    She does not have any responsibility to send over extra clothes for your husband’s weekend. Whatever they use/wear on his weekends is his responsibility.

    What expenses are we supposed to split?
    I pay my ex child support every month. I don’t mind pay because it is supposed to cover half of their health insurance, half of school lunch and half of after school day car. I have them with me two day per week and every other weekend. Exactly 50% of the time. When they need clothes, I gladly buy them clothes. We split all sports/dance activities. We split all field trips. Basically, I pay half of all expenses except living expenses when they are with their mother. They do not use after school care any more and only one eats school lunches. The other school makes their lunch, which means that I but food to pack for lunch when she is with me. My question is, what is child support going for? At what point to I not split things with her and refer her to the Child support that I pay her monthly? If she was putting the extra amount in a college fund or savings account for them, I’d be fine with every thing. Thanks for your help.

    End of Child Support
    My husband is paying child support for his 3 kids. His oldest daugher turns 21 in Dec as well as graduating college in Dec. His middle daughter did not go to college after graduating high school last year. His youngest is 16. Can we get his payments modified (lowered) after the oldest graduates College to have the payments lowered since the youngest will be the only one left which he does not get to see his youngest because his ex has him brainwashed.

    Your child support should have gone down when his oldest daughter graduated from high school, and also go down again when his middle daughter graduated from high school. You need to contact your state child support office and notify them about the “step down” of child support. You might actually have a credit now, and the child support for the youngest one will end 3-6 months before his youngest one finishes high school or turns 18 (whichever is later). However, these rules I describe are for the state of Texas, and I do not know if they are the same guidelines for child support in your state.

    Children Visitation and Calling Schedule.
    I had to move out of state and feel my ex wife holds that against me. I would like to face time or Skype my kids, Been trying to be civil but I just can’t anymore, any advice would be much appropriated. Thanks,


    Child Support and Factors in Deviation
    So Child Support is supposed to cover food, clothing and shelter-type expenses. My agreement does state we split extra curricular and medical expenses but mentions nothing about food, clothing and shelter-type expenses.
    Ohio does not have guidelines for calculating a deviation, however since I did have a true 50/50 split of parenting time, I would be responsible for my 50% of the food and shelter, and those expenses are considered in calculating the deviation from the Shared Parenting Agreement based on Standard visitation of 20-25%….but what about Clothing? I do supply 50% of the clothing, they keep half their clothes at my house. Since it’s not specifically listed, I believe that Clothing would be an additional expense that should be specified in the deviation calculation. If it’s not, then I should either get a larger deviation or I should make my ex supply the clothes, correct?

    Ron E., you are only responsible for the clothing you purchase for them to wear when they are with you. When your kids are with their mother, she is responsible for the clothing they wear when they are with her.

    In the State of WI, you pay 25 percent. As anArmy LTC at the time and my ex a Major, the court made me pay. She cheated and contracted Herpes and I had to pay more than 2500 dollars a month. Then pay for braces and college

    Child’s Cell Phone
    My ex is the custodial Parent, I pay her support, I want her to take over the cell phone payment for my son and put it in her name. the divorce agreement does not mention who pay for the children’s cell phones, She is refusing.

    Does he use the cell phone primarily to talk with you or is it for his social life? If it is primarily used to talk with you and wouldn’t have a cell phone otherwise, I believe you should continue to pay for it. If not, then I don’t see any reason why you should.

    daycare questions georgia
    can In the state of Georgia if the father is paying for a portion of the daycare expenses. the child is being kept by the fathers ex mother-in-law she has a state licenses daycare but where the daycare his is also where the child lives. should that father have to pay for daycare since the child never leaves home it is always at home even when at daycare. and or should that father try to get child moved to differnet place.

    car insurance/ car payment
    My daughter just turned 16 and her mom wants me to pay half of car insurance and a car payment. In my decree it states that I only pay half of health insurance, dental, child care, extra activities (which she is a High School cheerleader cost of 3K) and that’s it. It doesn’t state that I pay car insurance or car payment. Is that covered under the child support? I pay my ex right now with child support and health insurance of about $700 a month. I live in the state of Utah and have joint custody.

    Additional nights due to her job
    the ex has a new job working a 12 hour night shift (i have the standard 8-5 m-f). she is asking me to get our 14 yr old son (who lives with her; child support garnished from my wages; i have him every other weekend) on those nights. looking at her schedule in a month, the add’l time avgs about 10 days in addition to my normal parenting time. some days are consecutive where he might stay at the house for 2-3 days before he goes back to her house. either way i would have to support him (food, shelter, etc.) during that time. is it reasonable for me to ask her for compensation – these are nights/possibly days where i would be footing the bill for support when she is already getting it? what is a reasonable calculation based on the monthly amount of child support that she gets? if i ask for this and she laughs and calls me cheap – i already see it coming, and says don’t worry about it i’ll (meaning she will) take care of it, can she hit me up for child care expenses for her job choices?

    Now she wants child support
    I have 3 kids with the mom. I agreed to pay her $700 a month. After about 5 months her new boyfriend tells her she deserves more. I don’t have work and have been paying her with savings money. Can I be ordered to pay her more, based on the fact I have been paying her?

    child support and dads
    I don’t want to quibble over who pays more or less. The court has ordered me to pay $4000.00 per month for my 3 kids. I love them very much and would do anything goes for them but how in the world am I suppose to live. I take home about $2100 every 2 weeks so that means I get to live on $200 per month. Now don’t get me wrong but are you serious?! Now the courts ordered me to pay half their school tuition. Um yeah where in the world am I getting that from? See I found out that the courts don’t consider state or federal tax withholdings they count that as money in your pocket. Yeah I would love to use their accountants. Lol. Dads lose a lot and women just want to sit back and collect. Don’t argue it isn’t worth it. The words from my stbx mouth,”you have to support me and the kids” great statement. I get supporting my children but let’s be serious. I supported you when we were a couple now we are not so I am supposed to keep taking care of you. Come on women.

    IN reality child support is Slavery!!!! to take the goods from one person for the good of another. Fathers and Mothers should simply payback the government for any expenses they have on behalf of their children.

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    How is child support expected to be spent
    I have been awarded $1200 per month child support but my soon to be expects me to pay $500 out of that for my daughter’s FFA projects plus take over homeowner’s insurance, satellite, pool note, etc. At the end of the day, I will have $30 child support.

    Here’s my experiance as a divorced mom of three boys.Food , shelter, clothing and medical care are necessities. Cable bills Wi-Fi extracurricular activities are all extras that you do according to your budget. I never asked my ex husband to pay for anything extra with our children because I did not think that it was fair to him. I also got rid of our house because it was too much money for me to afford on my own and now live in a cozy warm affordable apartment. Not only that I also work full time and help support my children. After a divorce it is time to definitely tighten the budget and make cuts. I know I got rid of anything extra when I went through a divorce and it made things a lot easier on my pocketbook. My kids and I went to the park instead of going out to movies …we had picnics instead of going out to eat for dinner. I honestly couldn’t afford to have them play in expensive sports or clubs, but we played basketball, and baseball with all of their friends at the park after school and had a great time.( My parents are still married ,but I grew up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money but we still had a lot of fun with our friends and found free things to do, even though we couldn’t join fancy clubs or anything. Its modern culture that says your kids have to be in every gymnastics program or club instead of just going out to play with friends after school.* And …it’s a good way to guilt parents out of their money and blow a parents budget. ) My ex.husband makes about 4 times what I do every month but I don’t want his money …that belongs to him and his new wife. I live humbly and happily and I’m grateful for everything that my children and I have. I drive a older van, and my ex. drives 4 new cars and an R.V., and I don’t begrudge him that. I wouldn’t trade my old van, the inexpensive picnics and trips to swim at the lake, and happy laughing kids, for a new car. Kids need love not ” stuff.”

    This is perfect. Child support should be based on a child’s needs, not on the other persons income. As long as the child is taken care of and happy, that is all that should matter.

    What factors should be taken into consideration when determining alimony amount and duration i.e. income, savings (awarded upon separation, (recent 10 months prior to separation) voluntary reduction of income, etc

    Does child support cover the kids daily sitter when they are off of school during snow days & summer break?

    Weekends while working in Afghanistan
    I work in Afghanistan in 3 month intervals and then home for one month. My question is this… Even though I’m working in Afghanistan can I still have my minor child at my home on my weekends? I’ve recently remarried and know that my daughter likes to spend time with my new wife. Since I’m paying my child support and have joint custody, do I have the right to make sure she’s still in our home on my weekends?

    wrongful sense of entitlement
    This is ridiculous. A man should be pissed about child support. Like in my case, I did not want the divorce. I want to be a part of my childrens lives, I want custody. The court says I cant?? I am just as capable if not more capable than the mother. A simple drug test will prove that. I gave her a check for $500, and the first thing she does is go out to the movies that night after complaining all morning that she was broke. Give me back my kids. The judicial system is biased and the unethical treatment of fathers needs to stop. All the mother cares about is money, and I just want my kids. But Im labeled as a deadbeat because I cant afford to send her the amount she wants as I also got stuck with all the debt that she piled up. Im sick of hearing women say they work harder, bust their butt, manage the family, are at higher risk for health problems… If that plays into anything, then I should be able to use the fact that I have a steady job to provide for my kids as a reason for custody.

    I have a question
    Recently went to court and shady stuff happened. But anyway went from uninsured split 50/50 to how it reads I’m responsible for any uninsured costs…she also has final say on everything. So she now wants to get braces on the child. Can I say no cause I cannot afford it. I also have another young child to take care of.

    My son is agoing to be a second semester junior at a local
    College. He want to study a semester over seas.
    I have been receiving support for 6 months, prior to that I was paying for 2.5years
    Is it my obligation to pay for his studies overs seas ?
    His mother put in his head that the child support she gives me
    Can go towards that because he not living with me now that he’s over seas.
    What do you think ?

    I don’t understand why people have so many obvious questions. If you are divorced it should be very specific what child support covers. I receive child support and maintenance because I am a full-time student. I use all of it to survive month to month. In our divorce, it was agreed that any extracurricular activities, school fees, sports fees (and equipment), medical bills, prescriptions etc… was to be equally split. We each supply the boys with clothes that go back and forth. I paid for their winter coats and my ex paid for snow pants and snow boots.

    We had one of the most horrific divorces the court has ever seen, and I basically forced peace. Today we get along sincerely for the sake of our children. Kids know when you are being fake. My ex and I still bicker, but my divorce lawyer cannot even believe that we get along. It is quite simple. We love our three kids. The things my ex did to me during the divorce were horrible, but I need to move on.

    This will be our first Christmas apart. My ex has the kids Christmas Eve and I am supposed to have them back by 12:00 p.m. Christmas Day. We decided to have Christmas morning together at one of our homes and make breakfast. We are sharing stockings and splitting the cost for gifts. We are each buying them something special separate. I despised this man during our divorce, but our children being happy is what really matters. Going through a divorce is damaging enough for children, why should they suffer for the rest of their lives?

    I’m from Las Vegas and my ex has my children custody, so I have to pay it child support.
    If I would need to buy some clothes for my children, can I send it the bills and charge it like part of child support?

    Beware of divorce in Texas. The state of Texas is unkind to divorced fathers. The mother is pretty much guaranteed to receive primary custodianship of minor children regardless of circumstance, even if the mother is a lying adulterous whore. Only the father’s income is considered when calculating child support, for one child a father can expect to pay 20% of his after tax income as support to the mother. Additionally, the father provides medical insurance, and pays one half of the medical bills. Usually, the father has physical custody of his child 47% of the time. The State’s guideline support very nearly bankrupts the father’s household, while enriching the mother’s household well beyond any economic reasoning. No matter how you figure it, $1200 per month for one child half of the time is excessive support. In a state where the average cost of rearing a child is around $1000 per month, as a divorced father I pay 2.5 times the average amount to rear my child. By the way, I know where the majority of that money goes, poker games and bingo, but the court does not care. It is a father’s hell in Texas.

    How do I show my ex is not using her support for my child?
    I pay 1100 dollars in child support for my daughter. My ex-wife has two other ADULT children from a previous marriage, and a grand daughter living with her. My ex doesn’t buy my child clothes, never pays for dance, karate, or even her school lunches, I am also the one that takes her to the dentist and doctor. Now she is pulling her out of daycare again because her oldest son and his daughter moved in with them, and she says she can’t afford it. This is the 4th daycare that my ex has moved my daughter from in three years. BTW…she just came back from a 7 day cruise to Mexico, and bought her son new furniture for “his” room, which was my daughter’s but she is now sharing a room with her mom. Once again, her reply was “well, if you don’t pay for it she can go without”. I am already broke from carrying all the expenses for my child. I love my baby more than anything, but I need a break somewhere.

    it is clear by reading the comments that most judicial systems in america enable the woman to use the child to suck as much money out of a man to a point it is crazy, their are an equal or more over a greater number of woman that are abusive than men. Men are usually embarrassed or afraid no one will believe them, more often then not were laughed at and made to feel inferior by the poeple who are sworn and paid to protect us, our police. then this all goes to trial and more often then not the judge empowers the abuser even more and are placing an unfair tax onto the men.
    as for the comment of using a condom and whos choice it is, if one person does not want a child, and forcing that upon them is clearly domestic violence and is on the power and control wheel. I have heard women talking about which men their going to sleep with based on his job, also have heard them the woman talking about how that guy or that guy always insist on using a condom and that guy goes so far as to take the condom with him, rather than flushing it down the toilet and it possibly not going and the girl pull the condom out and squeeze the fluid inside of themselves in the hopes to get pregnant.
    These are tough times and I was blown away by the language I heard, I believed what I was hearing especially since were in the worst recession in history, and child support is a guaranteed check. Best thing you can do is just be abstonent from sex. masterbation is always the safest sex,use your head, this is a Womans world now! shows in every aspect of our judicial system as well as our economy and congressional law making systems.
    Upon entering the VA medical system the first thing they tell a disabled veteran is wear he or she can move to outside of the country and still receive care, disability checks, sad world when you cant live in the country you fought to defend

    Child support
    I get child support. I am a student and x works full time. Can you please tell me that his $55 per week is supposed to cover half my daughters expenses ? I am outraged with what was written in the article re if the father has to buy underwear etc the mother should be investigeated as to where the child support is going. How far do you think the money goes ? Articles like this just give fuel to guys that want to make life even harder than it already is.

    Hey it’s better than 30.00. A week for a teenage girl. That don’t cover pads for the month let alone anything else.

    I am truly confused…
    I do receive cs in a set amount, we have shared custody. I do cover 95% of all expenses for my child without incident. But where I’m get confused is the small stuff. We jointly chose to have our child attend a private catholic school and split that just about 57/43%. There are pictures, uniforms and a myriad of other expenses that I (the mom) don’t make a stink over but cover.

    Dad gets son two weekday nights, which has him bringing him to school two days. I shared that he should pick up a set of clothes and ALL HELL BEGINS…all over again. Telling me his pays with his support…and on and on again.

    I truly don’t get it. The school has an exchange (used clothes) that he can search through or go to Good Wills or second hands shops – JUST LIKE I DO for things…why is it so hard for him to purchase 1 pair of pants and a shirt? It’s not different then buying him food, or other clothes right??…am I wrong. Isn’t this what shared custody is? As far as what I learned…if I was to have full custody, he’d be paying me ~270 more?

    I’ll always be a nag or a B in his mind, but I just don’t understand any of this nonsense and wish it was a bit clearly the MUD!

    some of you people sound like major PooPoo Butts, and some of you sound like you are getting poopooed on by major butts. lol. I was concerned with the fact that my son’s father wasnt paying for medical like he was supposed to, and considering just paying for it myself. but now i dont know. There are many good points why i should and should not. My son doesnt even like to go to his dad’s that often because his ‘step-mom’ doesnt like him. she texts me things like “when are you picking your son up” and “he better not stay longer than (__Insert time frame__)” and “he’s a brat”. Her family treats my son well, because he tell me so, and one of her son’s is nice to him, but the other one is kind of a bully towards him, and his father just ignores it all.

    I get child support. It took me years to get it. I’m willing to go half on School. We have 3 children. Oldest 13 next 10 and our youngest is 5. All in school this year. He tell our oldest that he pays child support and that’s where she should get her clothe from. To me. Thats BullSh**!….Child support is to pay bills. I pay for rent to keep a roof over their heads, food to feed them gas to cook for them and more….goes on and on. I don’t ask very much anymore cause his a loser. But hey I sure could use the help once in awhile. He wanted these kids too at one time. I do what I do for my children and to make sure their taking care of..even if that means I have to go back to court!….

    Child support is dor the child not for youre way of living
    If you want a house work for it
    If you want a car work for it
    Child support is for the children only woman
    It dosent say bills support does it

    As my kids are getting older they are having expenses never talked about when I got divorced. My ex doesn’t have a home phone and leaves the kids home alone a lot and my daughter is a diabetic so I have paid for my daughter to have a cell phone for 8 years. Now she is needing drivers ed, car insurance, car, senior pics, scrubs for school along with the cell phone I pay. How should these be covered? With my new wife we share 5 children and look at these expenses as we can do what we can afford because we will have to do it 5 times. My exs thinks I’m being selfish and that our kids should come before my other children and wife. Not sure how to handle it.

    Me and my ex never lived together but we have our son and i buu him whatever he needs and i visit him 6 days a week. I keep all my receipts and now she’s threatening to put me on child support and she does not work at the moment. Can she put me on child support.?

    He has is good?
    M ex husband lives in another state. He gets our 3yr old 1 week every month. He does not pay monthly and it is whenever he can he will pay $50 for that month. He believes that because he gets him that one week and pays our cell phone bill, that he does not have to provide anything when son is not with him.
    Because we live in different states, what can I do?

    Be aware the attorneys are working together to escalate the conflict to hurt and ruin your lives. they have no conscious about taking everything you have sacrificed and worked your whole life for. When you go to court, the outcome is already predetermined, because they’re all friends with the judge as well, and it will continue until the lawyers push you into a position of loan sharking you into debt with their firm. Divorce lawyers are the worst kind of people, and they have no soul on hurting multiple generations for their own financial gain. It’s not the opposing counsel you need to be concerned with; ironically, it will be your lawyer that betrays you by revealing areas to opposing counsel on what will aggravate you the most to keep things going. Sick people…divorce lawyers are very sick people.

    Mother’s Motion
    My daughter’s mom filed a petition before the Circuit Court stipulating to a visitation agreement in which I am able to enroll my daughter in a private school, beginning at pre-school through high school, at my sole expense. This sounds like a qualified child expense to me because any education is priceless to me, and providing for my daughter’s educational expenses is a high priority (and duty) to me; so I enrolled my daughter in pre-school, which includes an option for extended day care. The mom takes full advantage of this financial situation and utilizes the extended day care option four to five days a week. I suspect she claims the cost of the daycare as her expense, however, it is, in fact, at my expense; so, if my suspicions are substantiated, I would presume she is has violated the tax code by making false claims, in order to wrongfully obtain child care credit or whatever earned income credit that is available. Any TAX auditors out there? BTW, approximately ten weeks after she received approval on her immigration permanent resident status, i.e., “green card,” she abandoned the marital relationship, residence, and all marital debts, taking my then-six-week old daughter with her…. I’ve been financially devastated since then…. I need help

    My knew number 1 fan; the prenuptial agreement; women protect yourself
    Women; take care of yourself first-you need to be up to your best in order to be there for your children. PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT! We are the ones who bear the children and are likely more at risk for health issues when we get older–higher medical bills just to take care of ourselves. Why lawyers and courts choose to ignore this–more and more women end up in poverty-we still have less opportunities for saving vs. our male counterparts. The mother always ends up with more of the brunt of it all and the juggling task of it all.

    That is a good idea, make sure the father agrees to have his child at least 50% of the time to relieve you of your burden.

    I would love to have my kids 100% of the time, and it would be easier and cheaper for me.

    What does he think $600 pays for?
    Over half of that is day care which we BOTH need so we can work. That leaves about $250 for food, toiletries, clothing, medication, transportation (her bus pass is $11 a month!) I more than match that amount in what I provide for her but he wants me to send clothes, shampoo, and lotion on his weekend because he says he already paid for it.

    MMy son pays child support for son with his girlfriend of one night . We spent all weekends with him during his 17 years, vacations, etc. Of course plus gifts, petty cash last years. The mother from the age of 8 did not take babysitter, travels 2-3 time in year and often overseas, loves everything expencive for her (Manhattan restaurants , gyms, clothes, plastic operations…, owns 4 properties, salary – from $50,000 to $ 90,000 (couple last years) in the same range as my son . My grandson and she never communicate with her parents. When i visit him home i see always empty refrigerator, dirt around… She asks to give more and more additional money to basic child support. I know that she lies. For 2nd half of grade 11 and first half of grade 12 she transfered him in private school. Etc, etc, etc. I very confused if there is a
    control possible?

    written by jocelyn mcbryan, February 10, 2013

    “new wives and girlfriends these are choices you made this is not your business poor victimized support payers really?”

    You’re an ass. I normally don’t succumb to insults, but your comment just reeks of bitterness and “payback.”
    First off- where do you get off involving new wives and girlfriends? From what I’m reading, most commentators are fathers.
    Second- when your family increases, ALL children suffer the consequences; less time, money, attention, etc. Is it realistic, or even prudent, to suggest that when a divorced/separated father has new child[ren]with a different woman, this does not apply? Why? Because it is with a different woman? If the case was reversed, would your comment be the same?

    Now on to my perspective:

    Fathers/Mothers, pay your child support when it is due and the amount due. THIS IS FOR YOUR CHILDREN. If your circumstances change, use the courts to get the necessary help. My husband got a temporary suspension of Child support when he went unemployed. When he gained employement, he paid back in full all he owed. That seems like a reasonable arrangement to me.

    Mothers/Fathers- STOP USING YOUR CHILD SUPPORT for things other than for your kids.

    I pay for commercial insurance and my ex wife wants me to drop my kids off of my insurance and put them on Medicaid
    I pay for commercial insurance for my two kids and my ex wife wants me to drop my kids off of my insurance and put them on Medicaid. I told her no. She did it anyway. She claims its was the only way her and her current husband could get Medicaid. I told her repeatedly No. What should I do?

    If you put you kids on Medicaid, you will have to pay it back with interest. If they are covered under your present policy, leave it alone. Sounds like your Ex is trying to get you into trouble?

    child suppport
    The father of my son states that he wants to put our son on his wife’s insurance. He has insurance with his employer but want to drop it. I prefer not to have our son on his wife’s insurance because of personal conflict. Also she did not adopt our son, so she can’t put him on her family insurance, correct?

    At least in Michigan the wife would be able to put the step son on her insurance. I know because I have my husbands son on my policy even though he is not an adopted child of mine.

    So you don’t want your son on her insurance because of “personal conflict”? So because you don’t like this women you want the father to have a more expensive and probably not as good of coverage. You darling is by the family court system is the way it is. Women up and start paying your own bills!!!!!

    Need Help
    Can anyone tell me in the state of Indiana what the child support goes for. My ex wife has not worked since being divorce since 2006 and has no income. I am in the military and my child support for the two minor child we have she uses on her personal bills

    Child support for rent
    The mother of my two daughters has not worked in 3 years and she is using child support to pay her rent (we have joint custody) and yet I still pay on top of child support all expenses. Can you get away with that? We are in the state of CA.

    new wives and girlfriends these are choices you made this is not your business poor victimized support payers really?

    My husband is an awesome, very involved father. His ex-wife has been allowed to rake him over the coals financially(currently in court) for her own selfish gain. We provide for the 3 children’s need when we have them(3 weekends a month, 2 evenings a week during the month and every other week during the summer), yet she still wants $1500/month and has gone so far to say that I (stepmom) should be responsible for her child support. We would love to have them more but she refuses for fear of child support reduction. I was a single mother myself, my child’s father was not very involved. I did not ask for more than I needed to care for my child although our court order included all the extras. Women fight for equal rights but don’t want to support themselves or the children they bring into the world. I am tired of hearing women blame men for not being involved, we pick these men its a choice we DO have but then its all their fault? When will women realize equal rights mean that we want to be equal to men!!! Take care of yourself and the relationship you have with your child, I can say this because I have experienced this life first hand and have worked very hard to get to where I am!!!!

    Do I need to adjust the Child Support
    I was recently legally separated. We both signed a very strongly worded separation agreement that broke down all the payments I would need to make for Child Support. At that time I was making 3 times her salary, she is significantly under-paid and can’t find better employment. She also cheated on me with a co-worker and had a 9 month long relationship with this loser – thus causing the separation. I recently got a huge promotion at work, +16% pay raise and bigger bonus potential. Do I have to re-review the child support calculations or can I just keep quiet about it. If I do have to pay more, will the judge require me to pay the add’l per month for the months that I paid the original?
    I pay $350, but pay all medical $175, all day care about $240 and we split 50/50. She shops non-stop and has burned thru about $15K in savings in 3 months.

    Trying to help a friend
    My friend was just this morning ordered to pay $1100 a month in child support for his two children with his ex wife. He works at a piece rate factory where currently he barely makes $1500 a month. Is there anything he can do for the months that he doesn’t make his normal rate? His winters and springs are always slower than summer/fall. Also, his ex lives with her grandmother and pays no bills and pulls in $1000, at least, a month working in a salon. She says she pays her grandmother to babysit the kids, something we know to not be true at all. If he contests these things does he even stand a chance? He’s having a rough time paying his bills and everything. Plus he’s unclear what all this support is going to because his daughters are routinely sent to his house in clothing that is too tight and too short, plus his ex gets foodstamps, receives Medicaid, and again, doesn’t pay any bills. The state is Michigan if that helps.

    If I make more money after she divorced me why should I pay more child support?
    If my income improves after my divorce is finalized and i have already been making cs payments that exceed what the divorce decree stipulates then why would I have to pay more cs if I made more money? She divorced me when I caught her cheating with my “Best Friend”. She shouldnt be able to interfere in my life in any way now.

    Foreign national and Remo
    I have a son in the Uk. My ex girlfriend has applied through the REMO agreement for child support. I am self employed and have no idea where my next check will come in and as I am a British National here on a visa I cannot work outside my area of expertise. I also have 4 children with my wife and to be honest we have no idea whether we will have to move back to the UK just after the court hearing through burning through our savings and having hardly anything in the bank. Will the judge take these things into consideration? Do you have any advice for me?

    Which way is up
    I am constantly fighting the battle with my ex.

    It seems that every time we talk that i can not say a word without it being a fight and her taking it seriously. I have a few questions and i ned help if possible. What are my right in regards to making sure that my sons medical issues are all taken care of. He has braces that need to come off and also a doctor that i feel he needs to see more ofter due to his medications. But when i approach her on the subject all i get is yelled at and told that is none of my business. The last time i asked i was told that if i wanted all of this taken care of than i need to put more money in her account.

    I am feeling like i am getting messed over big here. I am paying $1000 a month for 1 child and $500 a month in spousal to include providing all the medical and dental insurance and half of all associated bills.

    Please help

    Stop looking at your kids as dollar amounts!
    First things first, crooked people, child support is about making sure that the babies are taken care of. All I keep hearing is dollars this and dollars that and wah-wah-wah. I’m a single mother and chose to just be rid of the father for my child’s sake. Would it be nice to have some help? Yes! But you have to do, what you have to do for the sake of the well being of your child.

    Dads – take care of your kids because you want to and not because you have to. Your kids need you! There are some crooked woman out there that use child support for their own personal gain true, but for the more often than not the woman is the main caregiver and she is busting her butt every single day to take care of the child. Just because you divorce the mom doesn’t mean you divorce the child.

    Moms – Use your child support the way it is intended. By not doing so you ruin it for other children AND for your child. Don’t be so darn greedy.

    Now, let’s review. It is about personal responsibility. Be men and women of courage. Think of your child first and not as a dollar amount. Please!

    Thank you, Annoyed and Digusted! Your post was Spot On! I was a single mother for 3 years and now am a mother of a ‘blended family,’ so I have first-hand knowledge from both sides of this ‘debate.’ My husband is a wonderful man who will, quite literally, pay ANYTHING his ex-wife submits as long as she claims it is for the children. He is well aware that she is taking advantage of the situation. But, he is a GROWN UP, and he takes his responsibility to our children very seriously. He is not going to fight with her over ridiculous expenditures because he knows that in the long run, she will only manipulate the situation to hurt us more from a financial standpoint. Of course, I am livid that she would take advantage of him…and as we happen to live next door to her…I watch helplessly as the parade of delivery trucks and handymen (as she purchases new furniture and has every room in her house repainted) continues day by day. On the other hand, my ex-husband and biological father to three of our boys fights tooth and nail over having to pay anything beyond the basic child support expenses. He would rather our boys miss out on extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities than pay me anything additional…and I don’t ask for a cent over what is specifically spelled out in our divorce decree as his responsibility. People. Please. Do not take advantage of a situation to ‘get back’ at your child’s other parent. Do your job. Parent your child. Recognize that children are expensive. But well worth the investment. The money that is for them should be used for ( and paid for) THEM. Children are not pawns in a game. If you use them as such, there are no winners. Your children lose. And, if they are smart and determine as they get older how they have been used, you will lose them.

    Mrs. M. Farmer

    How can we parent our children when the ex wives dont let us see the child? Shes using our child as a weapon of blackmail on me. At this current time, I am unable to get higher paying work. Shes using our child like a puppet. One things for sure, My kid will find out the truth from everyone on my side of the family when gets older of what mom has done to both of us. She says anything and everything about me that she can imagine, and everyone that knows me knows her claims are not true about me. How in the heck can I win “anything” in this situation?

    I have all the receipts of the checks ive given the ex and every reciept of any contribution to my kid. Many months i was unable to pay anything when I couldnt find work, but the bottom line is that I have paid money towards child support and thats better than a lotta guys that never payed a dime and abandoned their kids.

    My kid loves me and does not deserve this.

    My ex and I share physical custody (week on/week off) and he pays me child support which I use to pay ALL the expenses for our children (school tuition, uniforms, extra-cirricular activities, shoes, school supplies, birthday parties, etc.) I NEVER ask him for money beyond what he pays in child support. My ex refuses to buy our children any basic casual clothes (sock, underwear, t-sirts, shorts, jeans etc.) Every time they say they need something he tells them “that’s what child support is for”. Please clarify for me…am supposed to furnish both homes with everything they need? He keeps requesting that his support be lowered yet he doesn’t seem to want to meet their basic needs while they are in his care and custody. We live in Georgia. Your thoughts are apprecaited.

    You need to use your child support check on your children and children only,
    These children are all yo spoiled and thinks they need everything there is to
    Need,these parents are worse then the kids,they all need to learn how to
    Conserve and stop spending on unnecessary things, there are kids out there
    who have nothing and they do just fine,people today spend more money than
    they make and don’t use childsupport money on there kids.Its time to stop screwing these exhusbands out there, the exwifes need to have a exhusband
    who doesn’t care and does nothing. You should thank God you have a exhusband
    who really cares for his children and goes the extra mile,but the exwifes still
    wants more money,shame on you, what goes around comes around?

    Court order vs gentlemans agreement
    My ex used to pay me R35.00 a month but was retrenched in January 2011, I let him pay the odd R500.00 or whateve he could, then he got a job with his dad but for much less than what he was getting ,we agreed verbally and via e-mail that until he gets a better job I would accept R2500.00 and forfeit the extra money he would pay twice a year for summer cloths and winter cloths and shoes etc He now has a good job as finacial

    Child Support Modification
    If you believe you are paying too much support, you should file a petition to have your child support amount recalculated. In most states a “change in circumstances” is required. I would need to know more about your case to determine if you have had a sufficient change in circumstances. A change in circumstances can be a change in the amount of time you see your child, a change in either party’s ability to pay, increased travel expenses or any other factors courts in your jurisdiction consider.

    Additionally, if the child’s mother is voluntarily unemployed it may be possible to have income imputed to her. Imputation of income allows the court to credit what she should be making, if employed. Child support orders and modifications may be based on earning capacity even in the absence of a showing the obligor intentionally and deliberately sought to avoid family financial responsibilities. If income is imputed to her, it is likely your support obligation will go down.

    You should contact an attorney who is licensed in your state to further discuss the specifics of your situation. Cordell & Cordell offices: http://www.cordellcordell.com/offices

    Jill A. Duffy is an Associate Attorney in the Troy, Mich., office of Cordell & Cordell. She is licensed to practice in the state of Michigan. Ms. Duffy received her BA in Psychology and Spanish and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oakland University. She received her Juris Doctor from Michigan State University College of Law and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

    i have extensive injures i got for an accident when i was young. i received a montly settlement to cover medical cost and living being that i cant get insurance for pre-existing injuries. i aM STARTing to have surgeries because my body is not the same . i have my child 3 days out the week and we alternate weekends. she has no job but she went got a house a car and keep expensive things. is it fair for me to pay her over 1100 for child support even thou i have my child the same now but a whole lot more if you add from when was born and i have 3 other kids i take care of. the judge just dont wanna hear that i dont have it

    We currently pay my husbands ex the court ordered amount of 600.00 per month PLUS 300.00 a month which he gave her to buy insurance with starting several years ago. He was not able to keep his son on his insurance at work because we live in another state and so he agreed to what she “told” him it cost her to insure our son. My sister now works for the same company as she does, and has the same insurance, which costs her 120.00 per month for 2 children. We also pay a clothing allowance twice per year (which we have yet to get the receipts when requested and I have to buy our son clothes every time he visits…4 times per year because he comes here with 2 pair of underwear with holes in them, 2 tshirts and 2 pair of shorts regardless of the season). Tonight, she called wanting money (1000.00) for a bed for him. In July, she “borrowed” 1000.00 from us that she agreed to pay back (without interest) at 100.00 per month deducted from her support (yes we have it in writing). My question…shouldn’t child support cover a normal life expense such as a bed? And yes, I realize this is silly to argue over a bed for him, but frankly we are fed up at this point. Thank you for your answer.

    what does child support cover
    Obviously the laws determining what child expenses are not included in the direct child support vary by state, but in general, extracurricular activities, uninsured medical expenses and educational expenses are NOT included in the basic child support amount unless specifically included in a settlement agreement, according to Cordell & Cordell partner Spencer Williams.

    He said child support generally covers food, clothing and shelter-type expenses.

    Child Support Calculator for each state: http://www.dadsdivorce.com/child-support-calculators-mainmenu-40

    But when you’re asked to cover expenses you think child support should be covering, you need to think of child support differently, said Jennifer Paine, another Cordell & Cordell attorney.

    “Parents tend to think about child support as a one-way street: I pay support to you for our children, and you are responsible for using that money to support our children,” Paine said. “Most state child support schemes, however, calculate child support as a two-way street: you pay support to me and I to you, and we pool the support and each take a share.”

    While your child support payments are generally a set amount, the calculations used to reach that amount are largely guesstimates of the amount of support a child needs to needs to sustain a standard of living near the marital standard of living, according to Paine.

    My childs mother collects $412 a month from me in child support. I pay rent, utilities, car, car insurance, cell phone and other misc bills. All of which she does not have to pay. She rents free from her gradparents and also has her utilities paid by them, along with her vehicle. Her dad pays for her cell phone bill. Since I have been paying child support she has bought a brand new big screen tv & entertainment center, goes shopping regularly, bought our not even two year old daughter a north face coat that I believe retails at $85 along with puma shoes. She co-signed for a new truck and polaris razor for her live-in boyfriend whom she has been in physical altercations with numerous times, at least once while my daughter was in her arms. When she sends her to us she sends no clothes, no diapers, nothing. My question is should we have to pay this much? We are barely getting buy on what little we have left after that and should she have to send diapers and clothes?

    Get over it. You ruined her life and you get to go on with yours Scott-FREE of the never ending 24/7 responsibilities of your own children. You’d have to pay even more money for their needs, hospital bills, food, clothes, recreation and everything in between if you were actually their primary caregiver. You men are disgusting man, you actually want to go through life having sex and creating families you’ll never care for with impunity? It’s a cold world where the bad people seem to prosper, but the state is gonna make you pay for those kids you created. You useless dog.

    So what you essentially are saying is women don’t have any responsibility having a child? Have 20 different contraception and several options of birth control to men’s just 1 condom? And are the useless dogs? You madame are a useless troll. Women can get rid i mean abort a child and walk away Scott free? But men have to pay child support if he doesn’t want the child? But yet right men are useless dogs…. smh feminist

    I’m a woman had one child when I was married to my ex husband now I’m married to a man who has a 12 years old daughter not planned and totally agree with you ! Women DO NOT get pregnant unless they want to or are careless idiots. If you as a woman can’t afford the child you birthed then don’t get pregnant ! Spend the child support on your child not your irresponsible self. I feel sorry for these fathers. Again I’m a woman and make six figures and NEVER would have had ONE child unless I could Have afforded too ! I also believe in mandatory DNA testing upon birth ! So many lying maipulative women out there. If the man, husband, boyfriend , one night stand, you know is truly the father you shouldn’t have an issue ladies. Get your crap together and be a REAL women kids aren’t a paycheck and what role model are you being for that child you care so much about. It’s a joke !

    I wish I could like this comment!!! Thank you! And to useless dog – you are not useless. Keep on keepin’ on.

    To Truth (NOT),

    On the contrary, it is YOU who is disgusting. You are intellectually plateaued, due to your ignorant (and this is an understatement), entitled, and sexist view. It is entitled people like you who takes advantage of this broken system. It may surprise you, but there are many fathers who deeply love their child(ren) and would move mountains for them. I’m not going to waste anymore effort on you – you’re blinded by stupidity and stubbornness. Hope you have a wonderful (NOT) life!

    Seriously? Not all men are dogs. In divorce, both parents are usually at fault. There are crazy women as well as crazy men. You sound like a man hater to me. Just because my ex feels she needs to go.above and beyond to.make.my life a financial nightmare,doesn’t mean I’m a bad dad or a bad man. Women can be just as evil so don’t go spouting men are dogs. Pay pay pay….I’m here because my ex is no longer sending my son to daycare. That’s 115$ a week that was figured into my 150$ a week cs payment. I want my child support lowered. It doesn’t make me a dog. I pay above and beyond that 150$. But with her weekly costs dropping,mine should as well. We split time and I have him insured. We share the gas going back and forth. We both feed him, clothe him…love him…..but I’ll be dammed if she’s using the extra money to get her tan on…nails done…hair did…..f that. I want to do the cs calculator and get my payments lowered….makes me right,not a dog.

    I agree with you that there are a lot of good dad’s out there. My grandmother divorced and left my grandpa to raise 4 sons on his own, and my grandpa worked his tail off, and did a great job. My grandmother was a selfish, cold hearted vain gold digger and married a REALLY old rich dude, who left her penniless .No one even held a service for my grandmother when she died,… But grandpa was honored by a huge group friends and family when he passed. Divorce + kids should not equal fighting, greed or power struggles. Kids need BOTH parents, and that’s why I still try to communicate with my.
    ex. in a balanced manner. No matter what I show respect my ex.husband and his new wife, …and I work full time and pay my own bills.My kids need stability, love, discipline, and parents who are committed to parenting. My sons love there dad, and that is exactly how it should be. When my kids want something extra that I can’t afford… I encourage my teenage sons to lawns or find other ways to earn money . (My parents never had a lot of money and I had to pay for my own extra stuff and it taught me to work hard, save and appreciate what I have.) God bless Fathers, because goodness knows children need them!

    Beth is a smart person with a kind heart and open eyes. If each parent is using funds correctly there shouldn’t be huge problems. Nothing is fair and someone always seems to get the short stick. I just make the most I can with my kids while my ex complains about everything under the sun. For those who say men have it nice, and are free to do what ever they want when they want; obviously haven’t been on the side where they don’t have their kids everyday. I would trade my ex any day and you would never hear me complain about anything!

    I LOVE YOU– BETH ALLEN– I have done the same and feel the same!!!! Trust me kids need to learn if you want something bad enough you will find a way to work and get it, we must provide all they need and as much as we can of what they want that they deserve!!! But to spoil them at your ex’s expense is just wrong and will only hurt the child down the road. God is watching!!!!!! This is about the children and we must teach morals and values in this day and time.

    My husband is an awesome, very involved father. His ex-wife has been allowed to rake him over the coals financially(currently in court) for her own selfish gain. We provide for the 3 children’s need when we have them(3 weekends a month, 2 evenings a week during the month and every other week during the summer), yet she still wants $1500/month and has gone so far to say that I (stepmom) should be responsible for her child support. We would love to have them more but she refuses for fear of child support reduction. I was a single mother myself, my child’s father was not very involved. I did not ask for more than I needed to care for my child although our court order included all the extras. Women fight for equal rights but don’t want to support themselves or the children they bring into the world. I am tired of hearing women blame men for not being involved, we pick these men its a choice we DO have but then its all their fault? When will women realize equal rights mean that we want to be equal to men!!! Take care of yourself and the relationship you have with your child, I can say this because I have experienced this life first hand and have worked very hard to get to where I am!!!!

    You don’t know how his situation played out. I treated my ex wife good for the whole 15 years that we were married. We have 3 kids together. I did most of the cooking, cleaning and everything else a hood parent does, plus I loved her unconditionally. One day she decided she wasnt happy. She divorced me and got custody. Now I pay 1200 a month in child support and am forced to live off of 300 per week. Society tells women that its ok to just give up when times get tough because they can get their husband to fund their life without being a part of it. Its a chain reaction. The role of a father has been diminished by feminism.

    I pay $630 a month for my kids. 2 of them.

    I was forced by the courts to be a part time dad. Every other weekend and every Wednesday evening.

    I know I am the better parent as far as tutoring my kids for school. I am fighting it.

    It is complete bullshit that I have to fight for 50% time. I should be awarded that by default unless she can prove I was unfit. Which is not possible.

    Both parents by default should get the kids 50/50 if they both want them. Then child support should be the actual costs of clothing, medical/dental, and school supplies.

    That is it. It takes two, both are responsible.

    I beg to differ. My ex cheated on me with multiple guy’s while she was having her ladies nights out. Now I pay a high amount in child support. I cover all medical expenses. When my children come with me every weekend I don’t have much left for them. So don’t blame all guy’s. I’m actually seeing a lot of this going on.

    Wow.. ^those comments above is a lil harsh.. I ended up w a lady that I @ my own fault also.. when I said I didn’t have protection she said it was ok.. she ended up getting pregnant.. I already expressed I wasn’t prepared for a child but she expressed she wanted to adopt etc.. and decided BY herself she was going to keep the baby.. but now she sent a nasty gram saying.. shes going to file 17 % and the child care will be 1000 and health care… I am not… NOT… going to handle my responsibilities but she isnt even willing to come to both mutual plan where am not going to be paying in blood… I do have to live to provide also… ( so am not crying about it but obviously I didnt have a choice in the matter and the “state” will make me pay as you said… but lady.. get off your hate men B.S… some men arent trying to get away from supporting their kids… some would like a lil flexiblity so it benefits both parties.. EQUALLY!!! @ FAULT!!! .. thx


    We are not all like that. After my bills and rent and food, i can only afford $150 to $200 a month. I give her checks. I am living in poverty, all I want is to be able to pay for my child and I do everything I can in my current situation. But now this is not good enough for her and she wont let me see my child anymore until i get a higher paying job that she can garnish the wages from through the gov.

    There are guys you speak of that just walk away and never see their kids again and never pay a dime! So why am I, along with my kid, to be punished for this? Its absolute cruelty what she is doing.

    I think this system is all screwed up,there are good fathers out there who love there kids and are paying a lot of child support, and those women are still taking them to Court for more money, these mothers are driving new cars,has more money then the exhusbands and don’t care if they have enough money to live on
    as long as they do, the attorney general in Texas needs to wake up and start looking out for the husbands instead of these heartless exwifes.they really do
    Know how to screw the system,and you have a lot of dead beat fathers out there
    who don’t pay child support and don’t care,the good always gets screwed. Wake
    Up attorney general and smell the roses,help these fathers be able to pay there
    Bills and have a life. I believe in child support but this system is screwed up. Please
    Do something soon,it really is getting out of hand.

    need a anwser
    My boys mom want me to pay for his schooling and i can barley pay my own bills and pay her child support because she dont work she says i need to pay for it all and it is 190 dollars a mounth and just was wondering if i had to cover it

    If I am taking my child on a trip but her passport needs to be renewed, do I have to pay for the renewal since I am the one taking her on the trip or does the child support I give my ex-wife cover that?

    Child Support Modification
    In general, you can file a motion to modify child support if you can establish a substantial change of circumstances. The courts consider a significant change in your income, the recipient’s income, or the needs of the child to be a substantial change.

    Some state statutes also provide that you can motion to modify child support if it is has been more than 3 years since the date of the last order.

    Whether she is entitled to money will depend on the facts of your circumstance. For an estimated amount of child support you should be paying, please visit: http://www.dadsdivorce.com/index.php/child-support-calculators-mainmenu-40

    can an ex wife take you back to court for more money even after several years even if the man has paid on time every week plus other unnecessary expenses?

    Depending upon the terms of your judgment, you may be able to avoid the expense. If the terms of your judgment require your written approval, agreement in advance to specific dollar amounts, or a set length of advance notice to respond to the proposal, and your ex-wife did not comply with these requirements, then she may be found to have acted unilaterally and is solely responsible for the cost. These types of conditions are routinely advised by experienced family law attorneys representing fathers. Conversely, attorneys who are less familiar with the issues or who represent the custodial mother may propose vague language which gives the mother a “blank check” so that the father must pay regardless.

    With respect to your children’s extracurricular activities, let me warn you that any “veto” power will likely be mutual. In other words, if your decree states that a party who does not agree upon an activity is not required to fund the activity, then your ex may very well object to every activity your children wish to participate in, thus leaving you with the entire financial burden for any sport or lesson that is important to you.

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