Video: Fixing Divorce To Strengthen Marriage

Leslie Loftis, a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting, explains how the institution of marriage can be strengthened by fixing the divorce process.

Overcoming The Emotional Turmoil Of Divorce

divorce emotions

Many guys make the mistake of trying to get through divorce by sucking it up and "being a man," but a support network is needed to truly heal.

Post-Divorce Financial Planning For The Newly Single

financial planning

It takes careful planning and budgeting for guys after divorce to ensure they're able to pick up the pieces and start on the road to financial independence.

Strategically Planning For The Possibility Of Divorce

planning for divorce

Acknowledging the possibility of divorce enables guys to take important steps to help them protect their assets and finances.

Men’s Divorce Podcast: What To Do With The House

marital home

In this month's Men's Divorce Podcast, we discuss a host of issues that arise during divorce process regarding the marital home.

Video: Children First During Divorce Program

Jeremy Jewell, Ph.D., explains how parenting programs are developed in order to better equip parents to help their children through the divorce process.