Contempt Of Court Consequences And Punishments


It is always important to avoid violating your divorce order as the potential contempt of court consequences can be quite severe.

3 Upsides To Life As A Divorced Dad

divorced dad

Divorce isn't something anyone ever wants to have to go through, but there are actually some benefits to the divorced dad life.

5 Questions To Ask When Considering Divorce

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The decision to divorce should never be taken lightly. Make sure you consider these questions before proceeding with divorce or separation.

Top 10 DadsDivorce Articles Of 2017

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Can We Divorce As Green Card Holders?

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If my wife and I are green card holders and our marriage took place in another country, can we go through the divorce process under U.S. law?

Divorcing When You Work For Your Wife’s Business


I am considering divorce, but I work for my wife's business. Should I seek employment elsewhere before proceeding with the process?