Credit For Marital Home Mortgage Payments

marital home

If you are going through a divorce, do not pay marital home mortgage payments for your ex and expect the court to give you credit for it.

Financial Planning Tips To Help Mitigate Divorce Costs

divorce costs

It is difficult to plan for divorce costs, but these tips can help you come up with a budget you can stick to that helps manage expenses.

Is A Bad Economy A Good Time To Divorce?

divorcing couple

Many couples delay divorce because of a downturn in the economy, but are there advantages to divorcing during these periods?

Pet Custody: Who Keeps the Dog in Divorce?

pet custody

With the dramatic rise in pet ownership, pet custody battles are becoming increasingly common across the United States.

What Does Your Divorce Lawyer Need to Know? – Men’s Divorce Podcast

Learn more about the vital info your divorce attorney needs to know and how you can help them prepare for your case.

Why Divorce is so Expensive and Strategies for Keeping Costs Down – Men’s Divorce Podcast

Divorce is inherently expensive, but there are tips and strategies you can utilize to help limit the costs.