Can You Force Your Ex To Change Her Last Name?

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Can a woman keep her married name after divorce? There are so many major issues to resolve in a divorce – from property division and finances, to figuring out child support and spousal maintenance. With so much on the line, it doesn’t make much sense to get caught up on


Video: Keeping Your Kids Out Of Divorce

Although it is possible to divorce amicably, the nature of the process tends to stir animosity between spouses. That negativity can have a serious effect on your own health and it’s important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. 


Video: The Best Divorce Attorney Qualities

It’s a good idea when you’re going through divorce or separation to have a family law attorney in your corner to ensure your rights are protected. However, you should also keep in mind that not all divorce lawyers are created equal. 


Why It Pays To Settle Your Divorce Out Of Court

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Negotiating the terms of a divorce agreement isn’t easy even when you and your ex are parting on good terms. When there’s animosity between the two of you, the process turns into a complete nightmare. Surprisingly, the percentage of cases that settle before trial is very high. Typical divorce settlements


Video: How To Have A Healthy Divorce

With the way the family court system in the United States is structured, divorce is set up for conflict. Even couples that enter the process on good terms with the intent of splitting amicably almost inevitably end up bickering about some contentious issue. 


Video: Second Thoughts About Divorce

The thought process for many people who consider divorce is often very fluid. In fact, a study from researchers at the University of Alberta and Brigham Young University found that half of people who consider divorce end up reconsidering a year later. 


4 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

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Divorce is often a messy and stressful life event that leaves you wanting to scream to anyone who will listen. It’s completely normal to want to vent when going through such a grueling process and confiding in someone with a sympathetic ear can help you cope with the daily struggle.