Do We Need An Attorney To Sort Out Child Support?

child support

My wife and I came to an agreement regarding visitation and how much child support I should pay. Once it is time for us to get a divorce, is it necessary for us to hire an attorney?

How To Juggle A Child Support Order In Multiple States

child support across state lines

Figuring out which child support laws apply to you can be tricky once you, or your ex, relocate to a different state.

Should More Dads Ask For Child Support?

dads asking for child support

With the number of stay-at-home dads constantly on the rise, should more fathers be requesting child support in the event of divorce?

How To Fit Child Support In Your Budget

child support budget

One of the biggest challenges divorced dads face is figuring out how to adjust their budgets to fit in their monthly child support payments.

The Biggest Child Support Mistakes To Avoid

child support

Navigating the child support system is confusing for many fathers. Some mistakes can prove especially costly and lead to a snowball of arrears.

Is Child Support Debt Consolidation Possible?

child support debt consolidation

When you fall behind on child support, debt can snowball quickly. When that happens, is child support debt consolidation a possibility?