How To Fit Child Support In Your Budget

child support budget

One of the biggest challenges divorced dads face is figuring out how to adjust their budgets to fit in their monthly child support payments.

Private School Education: Luxury or Legal Necessity?

private school pay divorce

Court rulings vary concerning whether or not a divorced parent will be required to pay for a child's private school education.

Child Support Dos and Don’ts – Men’s Divorce Podcast

child support dos and don'ts

Our latest podcast reviews important child support dos and don'ts so you avoid paying more than you should be.

Child Support and Modification – Men’s Divorce Podcast

There are many reasons you might need to file for a modification of child support. Find out more about how that process works.

Paternity and Child Support Actions – Men’s Divorce Podcast

The latest Men's Divorce Podcast breaks down how paternity and child support actions can factor into family law matters.

Child Support Basics – Men’s Divorce Podcast

This podcast episode covers the basics of what child support is, why it is assigned, what it can be used for, and more.