3 Misconceptions About The Child Support System

child support

Most parents are familiar with the child support system on some level, however there are many myths regarding the rules and procedures that govern how payments are made and collected.

How A Child From Another Relationship Affects Child Support

child support

I have a child from a previous relationship and am in the process of going through a divorce with my wife. How will that child affect how much I am expected to pay in child support?

4 Child Support Issues Facing Divorced Dads

child support issues

Divorced fathers almost inevitably end up facing a number of common child support issues that do more to harm families than support them.

Are You Paying Too Much Child Support?

child support arrears

My budget is already stretched too thin and my ex is requesting more child support. How much is too much for me to be paying and what can I do about it?

Can I Reduce Child Support If My Ex Remarries?

child support

Can I reduce my child support obligation if my ex remarries since she'll be supported financially by her new husband?

Child Support Options When Unemployed

unemployment divorce

Many divorced dads are unsure what to do about their child support payments when they find themselves unexpectedly unemployed or out of work.