Is An Attorney Necessary For A Temporary Child Support Hearing?

child custody modification

Do I need to hire a divorce attorney to represent me during a temporary child support hearing?

Oklahoma Man Stuck Paying Child Support For Child That Isn’t His

paternity fraud

An alleged case of paternity fraud has left an Oklahoma man on the hook for child support for a child DNA tests prove he is not the father of.

Can I Be Reimbursed For Overpaid Child Support?

child support

I've been paying child support for the last six months even though my child is past the age of emancipation. Can I be reimbursed for the overpayments?

How Do I File An Objection To A Child Support Order?

child support

I received motions from my ex-wife claiming I owe child support arrears, but I have proof that I already paid. How do I file an objection?

Will My Child Support Payments Change When I Go On Welfare?

child support

I recently started receiving welfare benefits. Will that affect how much child support I have to pay each month?

Can Divorcing Parents Agree To Not Pay Child Support?

child support system

My wife and I are settling out of court and agree child support is not necessary. Can we agree to waive the right to child support?