Will I Pay Child Support Of She Makes More?

child support

Will I still be required to pay child support if my wife earns significantly more money than I do?

Which Jurisdiction Determines The Emancipation Age?

student loan debt

My ex and I both live in different states than where our divorce was finalized. Which jurisdiction determines the age of emancipation for our child?

Deconstructing The Myth Of The ‘Deadbeat Dad’

deadbeat dad

Although the stereotype of the deadbeat dad looms large in modern culture, data shows that it is much more myth than reality.

Am I Eligible For Child Or Spousal Support?

spousal support

Will I be eligible for child or spousal support if my wife has always made more than me through the duration of our marriage?

Does Child Support Cover Summer Childcare Expenses?

child support

Should my child support payments cover childcare costs during the summer if the issue is not addressed in my decree?

Are Capital Gains Considered Income For Child Support?

capital gains child support

Does the court consider capital gains income when making decisions regarding child support payments?