Deconstructing The Myth Of The ‘Deadbeat Dad’

deadbeat dad

One of the fatal flaws of the child support system is that it takes a collect-at-all-costs approach to gathering payments from the payor. It’s essentially, “pay or else,” which causes catastrophic problems for families if a parent ever falls behind on payments. Say a father unexpectedly loses his job and


DadsDivorce Wishes You A Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day is a holiday set aside to recognize the unique contributions you make to your children’s lives all year long. Every single day you sacrifice and offer love and support that is essential to your family’s well-being. Those efforts might go overlooked more than they should, but you should


Does Child Support Cover Summer Childcare Expenses?

child support

Question: My ex recently asked what my plans are for covering childcare during the summer on the days that I have the kids. This wasn’t necessary last year because of our schedules. I was under the impression that my child support should cover that. Our decree contains no specific provisions