Can I Stop My Wife From Leaving The U.S. With Our Kids?

international divorce

My wife and I are green card holders and I am worried that if she finds out I want a divorce she will take our children and leave the country.

New Study Further Strengthens Case For Shared Parenting After Divorce

shared parenting

A new study shows the benefits of shared parenting and the importance of dads receiving overnights with their kids when they are infants and toddlers.

What Can I Do When My Ex Withholds Custody From Me?

shared parenting

If your ex is refusing to grant you custody after a custody order has been entered, then it becomes a matter of contempt.

Can You Use A Recording As Evidence In A Custody Case?

cell phone

Can I use an audio recording of my ex-wife as evidence during a child custody hearing? The recording shows she is unfit to take care of our children.