Is My Wife Eligible For Spousal Maintenance?


Will my wife be eligible for spousal maintenance if we divorce after being married for less than a year?

Who Gets The House In An Equitable Distribution State?

marital home

An explanation of how a court will potentially decide who gets the marital home in an equitable distribution state.

Will I Have To Pay Spousal Support Forever?

spousal support

In calculating the amount and term of alimony, courts look at various factors, including the length of the marriage and the earning capacity of each party.

Does Alimony End Upon Cohabitation?

child support arrears

I have reason to believe my ex-wife has moved in with another man, but they are not married. Will cohabitation cause my alimony payments to terminate?

Is It Possible To Vacate Alimony?

child support

My financial status changed years ago and I have not been paying alimony since. Is it possible to have my payments, and previous payments, vacated?

How Do I Get My Name Off The Mortgage After Divorce?

marital home

My name is still on the mortgage that my ex-wife is living in. What is the process for getting my name removed so I do not have that debt to my name?