UCCJEA and child custody litigation

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Question: My ex-wife has sole custody of our kids, but I would like to be able to see them. She has moved around several states and I’m not even sure how to locate her or what state would govern our court orders. What state should I proceed with child custody


Child custody and child support jurisdiction

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Question: I am the wife of a gentleman that has sole custody of his old daughter. My husband has never received child support from his ex-wife though the decree states he should have been receiving support each month since the divorce. The divorce was granted and child support ordered in


How can I become the legal custodian?

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Question: I was divorced in Pennsylvania with no child custody arrangement. We worked it out where our kids stayed with each parent for a week. My ex-wife got a job in Arizona and has lived there for several years. The kids go live there in the summer, but stay with