New NBC Sitcom To Show Loving Side Of Divorce

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In August, a new NBC sitcom will premiere starring Marlon Wayans that will show a more loving side of divorce. “Marlon,” which premieres Wednesday, Aug. 16 (9/8 CT), is a lighthearted comedy about a father doing his best to co-parent with his ex-wife. The star of the show says he


Top Five Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

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The early stages of divorce can seem overwhelming. You’re likely sorting through difficult emotions and stressed about what the future might hold. During this time, it can be hard to know where to turn and what are the first steps you need to take to protect yourself, your assets, and


Society Should Do More To Celebrate Amicable Divorces

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There are some fundamental flaws in the attitudes modern society currently holds about marriage and divorce. Social media is flooded with engagement selfies and wedding snapshots and your wedding day is always hailed as the “best day of your life.” Unfortunately, all this warm-and-fuzzy hoopla results in the other side


4 Tips For Divorcing Amicably

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Divorce is never ideal. It should only be considered as a last option after all efforts to save a marriage are exhausted. However, just because your marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean you and your ex have to hate each other. Of course, it’s often difficult to remain on friendly


Consider Child-Centered Divorce Strategies

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By Sara Gabriella, Contributing Author Effects of Divorce on Children Numerous studies over the past decades that have evaluated the effect of divorce on children’s mental and emotional development have identified the level of conflict between parents, and how well they navigate co-parenting, as the primary factors in determining whether


Why Pro Se Divorce Is A Costly Mistake

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By “Dad X” After watching two attorneys cost me thousands of dollars in fees and thousands more in what I considered allowing the judge to use a shovel between my bank account and my ex’s new Prada purse, I decided to appear pro se at my self-filed support modification. That


What Is The First Thing A Dad Should Do After Separation?

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By Julie Garrison Special to After separation, your activities are going to change considerably. If you are the one initiating the separation and subsequent divorce, chances are you have already lined up your finances, change in residence, and child custody priorities. You may not have seen a divorce attorney


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (or “ADR”) has been a hot legal topic for the past ten to twenty years. However it is not always well understood outside the legal profession. At its most basic level, alternative dispute resolution is any process which is used to resolve a case short of a