Explaining How The Discovery Process Works


By Ron Gore Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney “Discovery” is the process we use to identify and collect information and documents relevant to the issues in your case. As with every other aspect of your case, at Cordell & Cordell, discovery is a team effort. The first step in our


10 Ways to Act During Your Deposition

divorce testimony tips

By Jennifer Paine Attorney, Cordell & Cordell What you do at your deposition can help or hurt you significantly depending on your attitude, truthfulness and appearance. Remember from my previous article on depositions and lies, a deposition is the testimony of a witness under oath outside of court and reduced


Arrest During A Custody Fight: What If It’s Her?

A mother getting arrested in the middle of a custody battle is an extraordinary event. It is something you have no control over. It is something you usually don’t find out about until well after it has happened. But when it does happen, it is one of those events that you should be