What Is The Alimony Recapture Rule?

alimony recapture rule

By Jennifer M. Paine Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer As if paying alimony weren’t bothersome already, imagine receiving an unfriendly letter from the IRS forcing you into an audit and assessing taxes for three years of income you previously deducted. This may sound like a tax nightmare – you pay


Will I Have To Pay Alimony?


By Andrea Johnson Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney If you have been the primary financial provider for your family, it is possible that you will have to make alimony payments. In many states, there is no hard and fast method of calculating alimony payments. And to be quite frank, estimating


Why Choose Non-Modifiable Alimony?

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By Matt Allen As editor of DadsDivorce.com, I read through every question submitted to the divorce lawyers of Cordell & Cordell through our popular Ask a Lawyer feature. A recurring theme is people wanting to know how they can get out of paying non-modifiable alimony (or maintenance) that they agreed