Do stepparents have visitation and custody rights?

divorce attorney Jill Duffy

Question: My current wife and I are getting a divorce and we each have children from previous marriages. We have agreed to allow each other to see the other’s children and it’s an amicable divorce. However, my ex-wife is trying to keep my current wife from seeing my children once


Stay At Home Dad: What Are My Rights?

By Jill A. Duffy Attorney, Cordell & Cordell The new era of stay-at-home fatherhood is putting men in some uncharted territory because traditionally women were the ones to stay at home and raise children. Many stay-at-home dads have questions about their rights because of this. When a woman stays at


Use and Abuse of Orders of Protection

An Ex Parte Order of protection is granted where there’s the preponderance of evidence that abuse, or the threat of abuse, is present. In the petition for such an order, the filing party must be very specific about abusive or threatening behavior that has occurred. There also must be reason