Video: Harvard Researcher’s Predictors Of Divorce

According to a recent study published in the American Sociological Review, financial factors such as a couple’s resources and a wife’s ability to support herself in the event of divorce are not reliable predictors of divorce. What does seem to affect a couple’s risk of divorce is the manner in


Deconstructing The Myth Of The ‘Deadbeat Dad’

deadbeat dad

One of the fatal flaws of the child support system is that it takes a collect-at-all-costs approach to gathering payments from the payor. It’s essentially, “pay or else,” which causes catastrophic problems for families if a parent ever falls behind on payments. Say a father unexpectedly loses his job and


Divorce Myths: Common Misconceptions About Divorce

When it comes to divorce, far too many common beliefs are accepted as truths even though reality is much different. It’s common for divorce attorneys to have to correct incorrect perceptions that clients have about the divorce process in their initial meeting. Always keep in mind that the process of