Defending Yourself From False Allegations

By Molly Murphy False allegations of physical and sexual abuse have become more and more common in the family court in the last few years. Whether a false allegation is made maliciously or made out of a feeling of concern, the result can be the same for the accused. The


Is neglect reason enough to change custody?

Cordell & Cordell attorney Andrea Miller

Question: I am a very exhausted stepmother trying to do what is best for my husband’s children but when it comes to dealing with the kids’ mother nothing comes easy! To make a very long story short I would like to know if it is considered neglect or a reason


But, He Is A Wonderful Father

I was recently involved in a rather contentious settlement negotiation with my client, his ex-wife and her attorney. The issue involved the proposed elimination of my client’s child support obligation to his ex-wife for their child. While my client’s income increased modestly since the date of the Decree, his ex-wife’s