Unwed Fathers Rights When Child Moved Out Of State

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Question: My divorce question is about unwed fathers rights and child custody laws. My girlfriend took our child to another state and said she has no intentions of ever returning. What are my rights as an unwed biological father to force my daughter be returned home?


Protecting Fathers Rights In Cohabiting Relationships

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By Matt Allen Editor, DadsDivorce.com There are now more children who live with unwed, cohabiting parents than with divorced parents and that affects fathers rights to child custody, according to a recent report. The National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values reports there are 12 times as many


Harsh Laws That Discriminate Against Men and Fathers

By Matt Allen Editor, DadsDivorce.com and MensRights.com Paternity is one of the areas of family law where men are routinely discriminated against. It is so obvious that when I posed the question, “which laws in your state are particularly unfair toward men and fathers?” to Cordell & Cordell attorneys in


How To Establish Paternity

how to establish paternity

By Michelle Hughes Divorce Lawyer, Cordell & Cordell Whether it is the denial of paternity rights or being the unlawful victim of paternity fraud, fathers must be careful, as paternity law is complex. As more children are born out of wedlock, paternity problems will only become more common. If you


Paternity Problems

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By William Halaz Attorney, Cordell & Cordell Note: Part 2 addressed DNA tests, birth certificates, and proving if you are/are not the father. What to do when a child is born during dissolution proceedings?            Often, men are portrayed by angry spouses as abandoning their children during dissolution proceedings even when