Taxes During Divorce: What You Can and Cannot Deduct

taxes during divorce

By Tara N. Brewer Special to When facing a divorce, tax season can become quite complicated. According to The Wall Street Journal, revisions under the American Taxpayer Relief Act have forced divorce attorneys and tax accountants to cautiously calculate divorce agreements. Per this revision, single taxpayers with income exceeding


Interpreting Divorce Decree Tax Clauses

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Question: My question is about taxes and claiming dependents if we were divorced less than a year ago. Our divorce agreement states that each of us would claim one child as a dependent until they are 18, though nothing specifically mentions how to handle 2012, the year we were divorced.


Can The Court Order A Judgment Against My IRA?

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Question: I pay alimony, but can no longer afford the payments due to a significant reduction in income. The only money I have access to is my IRA. I am filing for an alimony modification and am concerned about protecting my IRA. Can the court order a judgment against my


What Is Alimony Pendente Lite?

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Question: I make more money than my wife, though not by much, and she is insisting that I will have to pay her child support and alimony pendente lite even while our divorce is pending. What is alimony pendente lite? I assume this is a form of spousal support, but


How Can I Prove I Can’t Afford Alimony?

Question: I owe the IRS a large sum of money, and now my wife is requesting an amount of alimony that would leave me penniless. Can I adjust this alimony request down and win in court if I can prove that my monthly IRS payments combined with alimony would make