Does A Stepdad Have A Shot At Gaining Child Custody?

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Question: I have raised my stepdaughter since she was 5 years old. I have supported her financially for the last 10 years as her biological father has been out of the picture her entire life. Unfortunately, my wife has started drinking heavily and I don’t think our marriage is salvageable.


Signing Over Temporary Custody To Relative

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Question: I am in the midst of a custody battle, though I have temporary sole custody of my children. I have a lot of upcoming business travel that I cannot cancel, so I am wondering if I can assign power of attorney or temporary custody to my mother who is


What Happens To Temporary Orders If Case Is Dismissed?

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Question: What happens to a temporary custody order if you never go back to court for the original child custody case? I have a 50/50 temporary custody agreement. The court just issued a review of the original custody case filing, which has been inactive, and mentioned something about dismissing the