Pilot Program Aims To Solve Child-Support Problem

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It’s apparent that the child-support system in the United States is, at best, flawed. Perhaps the system’s biggest failing is how it treats low-income parents who lack the ability to pay. Once they fall behind on payments, even if it’s because of involuntary unemployment, arrears start accumulating and it creates


Catching Thieves: Ensuring Employers Submit Child Support


In most circumstances, a parent’s child support payments are automatically deducted from his or her paycheck through a wage garnishment or income withholding order. However, two stories recently emerged of an employer allegedly pocketing those payments rather than sending the money to the state child support collection unit. Unfortunately, this


DadsDivorce LIVE: Research Debunks Deadbeat Dad Myth

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The term “deadbeat dad” evokes an image of a father willingly withholding financial and emotional support from his children and completely shunning his parental responsibilities. However, research regarding low-income noncustodial fathers indicates that the term doesn’t typically match with reality. University of North Carolina sociologist and demographer Jennifer Kane recently


New Study Further Debunks Deadbeat Dad Myth

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The image of the deadbeat dad that skips child support payments, shuns his children and leaves a desperate single mom to fend for herself still looms large in society. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family provides even more evidence that the stereotype of a


Walter Scott And The Problem With Child Support

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For the past several days, the shooting of Walter Scott by South Carolina police officer Michael Slager has dominated headlines. A video of the shooting shows Slager, who has been charged with murder, shooting  Scott eight times after he fled from his vehicle after being stopped. Like several other police