Are Capital Gains Considered Income For Child Support?

capital gains child support

Does the court consider capital gains income when making decisions regarding child support payments?

Will My Girlfriend’s Income Affect My Child Support Payments?


Will my girlfriend's income have any potential impact on the amount of child support I pay each month?

Which Jurisdiction Is In Charge Of My Child Support?


Which state's laws do I follow regarding my child support order after I have moved across state lines?

Can My Ex Request Child Support Past The Emancipation Date?

child support

While child support generally terminates upon the age of emancipation, a parent can petition for support to continue.

Is It Worth Pursuing Child Support?

child support

I share custody of my child with my ex-wife and she earns significantly more income than me. Is it worth trying to pursue child support?

Do I Need An Attorney To Modify Child Support?

child support

A party may complete a support case pro se, but it is generally in your best interest to seek legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected.