Can My Ex Request Child Support Past The Emancipation Date?

child support

While child support generally terminates upon the age of emancipation, a parent can petition for support to continue.

Is It Worth Pursuing Child Support?

child support

I share custody of my child with my ex-wife and she earns significantly more income than me. Is it worth trying to pursue child support?

Do I Need An Attorney To Modify Child Support?

child support

A party may complete a support case pro se, but it is generally in your best interest to seek legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected.

What Is Considered Income For Child Support?

child support

My company recently offered to cash out my sick time. Is that money considered income when calculating child support?

Does The Emancipation Date Change If A Child Is Held Back In School?

child studying

I'm supposed to pay child support for my child until she graduates, but she has been held back multiple times. Will that change the emancipation date?

How Can I Stop Child Support For A Child Who Now Lives With Me?

child support

I'm still paying child support even though my son moved in with me two years ago. How do I terminate these payments?