Surgery Without One Parent’s Consent


Question: I have a shared parenting agreement with my ex-wife who recently decided to have surgery performed on our 6-year-old son without my consent. In our divorce decree it says that unless it is an emergency, it needs to be discussed and if we don’t agree then it needs to


Sen. Karpisek Discusses Nebraska’s Custody Laws

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Nebraska, like many states, remains behind the curve in regards to its child custody laws. Noncustodial parents in the state, which tend to be fathers, are given an average of just five days per month with their children, according to a decade-long analysis by the State Court Administrator’s office that


Divorce Dilemma: Working With Your Attorney

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By Dad “X”  In my last column, I discussed the shock and trauma even the strongest of men face when divorce is initiated. Now that the shock is over, it’s time to get serious and work for the best, fairest divorce decree and custody arrangement possible under the law, and


Child Support Review When Expecting A Baby


Question: My child support is eligible for review this month to be increased. My wife and I are also expecting a baby in five months. Is there a way to delay the review until after our child is born so that the court will take into account that I now


The Biochemical Changes Of Fatherhood

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The hormonal changes mothers experience during pregnancy and while raising children are well-known. But now, new research is being produced showing the changes expecting and new fathers experience. In the last month, two new studies were released that suggest men experience hormonal changes similar to women throughout the parenting process.


Terminating Parental Rights To End Child Support

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Question: My ex-wife  violated my visitation rights by moving my daughter out of state six months ago. I haven’t seen her since and have barely talked to her. Is this grounds to terminate my parental rights and end child support payments? Answer: I am not licensed to practice in your


Alimony, Child Support When Wife Earned More

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Question: I was out of work much of the time I was married to my wife and she always brought in more money than me. Her mother also helped support us throughout the marriage. Now that we are divorced, is she entitled to alimony or child support?