How Do Addictions Affect Child Custody Rulings?

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Question: How does a sex addiction, or addictions in general, affect a child custody ruling? I saw a therapist because of my frequent adultery and was diagnosed with a sex addiction. My wife has vowed to keep me from the kids and is fighting for full custody because she says


How Does Past Drug Use Affect Child Custody?

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Question: My question is about child custody laws and how my history of drug problems will affect my chances at child custody. I have had problems with drugs when I was younger, but I have been clean and sober for years now. How much is my past drug use going


How Does Her Drug Use Affect Child Custody?

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Question: What evidence is needed to prove the mother of my two children is a drug addict and should not be awarded child custody? We are not married, but my name is on the birth certificate. I want sole child custody because she has a history of mental illnesses and


How To Handle Substance Abuse In Your Divorce

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By Jennifer M. Paine Divorce Lawyer, Cordell & Cordell If you feel like your life is an episode of “Intervention” except your spouse refuses to acknowledge her problem, let alone accept treatment, you are not alone. Substance abuse in divorce remains a problem dealt with mainly in the home or,


Is our divorce legal if I never signed papers?

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Question: A divorce judgment was entered against me though I never signed any papers nor have I seen a divorce decree, but I was served with divorce papers. She was awarded everything, including custody of our children. I want to know if our divorce is legal just because I was


CPS, drug use and child custody questions

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Question: My wife is addicted to drugs. I left the home 6 months ago and moved a few hours away without the children because I couldn’t afford a divorce lawyer. CPS now has the children in their custody because of my wife’s drug abuse. The problem is I am being


Use of Drug Tests in Divorce

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By Andrew VanNess Attorney, Cordell & Cordell Drug testing is often a point of contention in divorce and particularly modification cases. A client may want to know if his ex-wife, or his ex-wife’s new partner, can be forced to submit to drug tests if he suspects them of using drugs,