Breaking Up With Addiction: Divorcing An Addict


Having a spouse who is battling addiction or alcoholism can take a brutal toll on a marriage. Sometimes, the only way to end that fight is with divorce. Many people don’t realize their partner is an addict when they say their wedding vows. Other times, the addiction is something that


5 Tips To Stay Healthy During Divorce


For whatever reason, there is still a stigma surrounding men’s mental health. Even though only about 2 out of 100 men seek outpatient help for depression, suicide rates for middle-aged men have been skyrocketing since 2008. When a man experiences a divorce, those health risks become even more pronounced.


Alcohol, Drugs, Addiction and Divorce

addiction and divorce

Evelyn Whitrow Special to Addiction is something that commonly leads to marital breakdown, whether it is drug and alcohol addiction or gambling. Once you realize that your partner’s addiction is out of control it may be too late to save the marriage and hiring a divorce lawyer may be the only


You Say She Drinks Too Much? Prove It

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By Erik Carter Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney Many fathers will accuse mothers of excessive use of alcohol in the mistaken belief that a mother must prove that she doesn’t drink too much. In reality, every accusation must be supported by credible evidence. The person making the accusation has the