Losing Child Custody During Military Deployment

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By Julie Garrison Special to DadsDivorce.com There are thousands of child custody cases in the U.S. involving military dads who have lost custody of their children while on deployment. During World War II, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act was enacted, which provided protections for Americans serving in all


Child Support Is Bankrupting Me: What Can I Do?

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Question: Child support is bankrupting me. I have a part-time job making minimum wage yet I am ordered to pay $500 a month in child support plus an extra $200 to cover arrears I accrued while unemployed. My wages are garnished along with them garnishing half of my unemployment benefits.


Joe Cordell Discusses Dodgers’ Ownership Battle

Divorce Lawyer Joe Cordell

Frank McCourt and his wife, Jamie, are locked in a heated divorce dispute over the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Though the McCourts’ battle is on a much larger scale, this type of property division battle happens every day in family law courtrooms, according to DadsDivorce.com founder Joseph Cordell.