Celebrity Splits Show Divorce Emotions Affect Everyone

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Divorce turns a person’s life upside down. When a marriage dissolves, there are child custody, financial, and property division issues to sort out. Then there is the emotional turmoil, which often catches men off-guard after a divorce. Women initiate divorce twice as often as men, which might suggest that they


Does Cohabiting Harm Children?

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Recently, the news of the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has dominated tabloid headlines across the country. The celebrity couple surprised many when just a few days after they announced their split they were spotted vacationing together in the Bahamas. It turns out that Affleck and Garner have


Billionaire’s Divorce Case Nears End

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It appears the near billion-dollar divorce case of Continental Resources Inc. CEO Harold Hamm might be nearing its conclusion. On Tuesday, in a 7-2 decision, the Oklahoma Supreme Court dismissed an appeal of the divorce judgment from Hamm’s ex-wife of 26 years, Sue Ann Arnall. The court ruled that she


Why It Is A Good Idea To Get A Prenuptial Agreement

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Beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide in August and since his death a fight has erupted between Williams’ third wife and three of his children from a previous marriage over who has the right to some of Williams’ personal belongings. Although Williams’ estate is worth millions of dollars,


Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be Devastating

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By Allison Pescosolido, M.A. Founder, Divorce Detox® Recently, Bethany Frankel revealed how troublesome her divorce has been on “Good Day New York,” describing it as “brutal” and “excruciating.” On “The View,” Jane Seymour said of her divorce, “Obviously, it’s really quite devastating.” And we saw the finality of Kim Kardashian and


Joe Cordell Discusses Dodgers’ Ownership Battle

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Frank McCourt and his wife, Jamie, are locked in a heated divorce dispute over the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Though the McCourts’ battle is on a much larger scale, this type of property division battle happens every day in family law courtrooms, according to DadsDivorce.com founder Joseph Cordell.