Child Support: Wages Being Garnished Twice

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Question: When I was employed and paying into FICA out of each paycheck, I also paid a child support arrears garnishment from the same gross earnings. I am now disabled and receive RSDI benefits that come from my FICA account. The state is now garnishing my RSDI benefits even though


Child Support Arrears: Modifying Garnishments

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Question: I am in child support arrears for my children who are all adults now. My only income is my disability payments and even that is being garnished. The garnishment is so high that I can barely survive off the little remaining income. How can I get this child support


Modifying Child Support When On Disability

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Question: I pay child support for my son who is now receiving benefits from the state because of my permanent disability. He was awarded more in benefits than what my monthly child support payments are. Can my son’s benefits he is receiving because of my disability be allocated on my