3 Keys For Success As A Divorced Dad

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The biggest fear that many fathers have going into the divorce process is that splitting apart the family will reduce the role they play in their kids’ lives. Children of divorce face plenty of challenges, and it can be crippling if one parent ends up alienated out of their lives.


The 3 Things Divorce Doesn’t Change

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Divorce costs can snowball in a hurry. Before you know it, the divorce process can ravage your finances and hit you with a number of intangible costs that are sometimes even more difficult to overcome than the monetary ones.


Making The Most Of Your Parenting Time

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When you were married and living with your child, the entire family had a routine. The activities you and your child did together developed naturally. Now that you are divorced, you might only see your child a couple days a week. That can make things seem very forced and makes


Understanding the Disneyland Dad

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By Katie Davis “You’re such a Disneyland Dad.” The term is thrown around quite a bit. Now, we even hear the term “Disneyland Mom” as well. But what does it really mean? Is it only used with feelings of resentment, or does it represent something bigger? Actually, this term has


Divorced Dad Does Not Mean Part Time Dad

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By D. Keith Denton   Author, “Single Dads and Great Kids: Using Humor and Other Successful Strategies” Being a dad is not about the volume of time spent; it is about attitude and connections. It should go without saying that your kids need to know you love them but there