Violating Child Custody Orders: Should You Call The Police?

child custody enforcement

By Daniel Exner Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer When your ex-wife violates the child custody or visitation order and denies your parenting time, many divorced dads wonder if they should immediately call the local police. Unfortunately, enforcement of a divorce decree sometimes depends on the attitude of your local law enforcement and


Will I Get Custody?

child custody

By Matt Allen Editor, If you have ever been involved in a child custody case or you are about to begin one you most likely have heard the phrase “best interests of the child.” Almost every state determines child custody and visitation issues based on the best interests of the


Custody Battle: 10 Things That Can Sabotage Your Case

custody battle

Compiled by Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorneys For Men The divorce process is usually very difficult and trying for anyone experiencing it. It is especially difficult if your divorce involves a child custody battle. These difficult times often cause a person to act or react irrationally and in ways that