What To Do If Your Ex Denies You Parenting Time

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It is a sad reality that divorce often causes adults to act like children. The bitterness and animosity generated by a breakup often leads to a total loss of reason and rationality. Even more disappointing is that children are often caught in the middle of many of these arguments. Even


How To Stop Visitation Interference

visitation interference

By Robert Ferrer Archivist and Principle Researcher, University of Illinois There is a Visitation Interference bill currently making its way through the legislation in Illinois. It already passed the House and is now under deliberation in the Senate. It is HB1604, or popularly known as the Steve Watkins Memorial Bill


DadsDivorce Live: Dealing With Visitation Interference

Cordell & Cordell, PC attorney, Dan Cuneo, speaks to family law attorney Erik Carter about the best ways to deal with the interference of a parent during your child visitation time. Read on to watch the DadsDivorce Video interview and to learn more about what defines Visitation Interference and what