The Basics Of Military Divorce

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Divorce is often a complicated, confusing, and scary process. That uncertainty can be magnified when one spouse is serving in the military. Military families going through divorce face a unique set of challenges. There are specific rules and laws regarding jurisdiction, child custody, calculating child and spousal support, division of


What Is The USFSPA?

military former spouse protection act

By Tara N. Brewer Special to After 20 years of credible service, military members are eligible for retired pay benefits. If that military member faces divorce, one of the largest concerns is how those benefits will be distributed, which is outlined by the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act


How are military retirement plans divided?

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Question: I am in the military though am approaching retirement. My wife and I are in the process of getting divorced and she wants to take some of my retirement. How are military retirement plans divided when we get divorced? Are my retirement benefits marital property subject to distribution?


Military Retirement Pay & Divorce

Divorce Attorney Angela Foy

By Angela Foy Attorney, Cordell & Cordell In most divorces involving military service members, military retired pay is the largest asset subject to division. The military has many rules and guidelines regarding its retirement including when someone may receive it. The answers vary depending on your years of service. As


Preserving Your Retirement

by Richard J. Coffee, II,  Cordell & Cordell, P.C. The dissolution of a marriage presents numerous changes and unfortunate consequences.  Custody issues may be resolved by compromise, mediation and/or counseling.  The personal property division may be an irritating inconvenience.  Financial support a current cash flow adjustment.  None of these are