Can You Modify A Morality Clause?

morality clause

Question: When my wife and I divorced five years ago, we agreed to a morality clause in our decree prohibiting overnight guests of the opposite sex while the minor children were present. Five years later, only one of my three children is still a minor – my son, who is


How Divorce Affects Kids’ School Performance

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Divorce can be earth shattering for children. One of the biggest challenges divorced parents face is helping their kids through the process. This is hard enough when the children are under the watch care of their father or mother. Once they head back to school and spend most of the


The Dos & Don’ts Of Post-Divorce Dating

post-divorce dating

Dads should always proceed with caution when jumping back into the dating game following a divorce. While it is certainly possible to successfully make that transition and find a compatible partner, many men make several common mistakes that hinder their divorce recovery and make the healing process even harder for


Fighting False Allegations Of Abuse


Question: I am trying to get full custody of my children, but my wife is threatening me with false allegations of abuse and claiming she will get a restraining order against me if I do this. I’ve never hurt her so there would be no basis for these allegations, but


Is Abandonment A Grounds For Divorce?

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Question: My wife and I have been trying to work out our divorce for the past year while living in the same house. We haven’t made much progress in the settlement process and I recently had my lawyer notify her of my intention to move out. However, her lawyer is


Pilot Program Aims To Solve Child-Support Problem

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It’s apparent that the child-support system in the United States is, at best, flawed. Perhaps the system’s biggest failing is how it treats low-income parents who lack the ability to pay. Once they fall behind on payments, even if it’s because of involuntary unemployment, arrears start accumulating and it creates


Do Men Take Breakups Harder Than Women?


Do men or women take breakups harder? New research suggests that women might experience more emotional turmoil after a split, but men have more difficulty recovering. Researchers from Binghamption University and University College London recently surveyed nearly 6,000 participants from 96 countries and asked them to rate the emotional and