3 Realities About Prenuptial Agreements

prenuptial agreement

The divorce of New York real estate mogul Harry Macklowe and his wife, Linda, is about to get nasty. After 57 years of marriage, the billionaire announced he is moving in with his girlfriend of at least two years. The problem for Harry is that he does not have a


Understanding Procedural Rules As A Pro-Se Litigant


Question: I am representing myself in my divorce pro se and I feel as though the courts are treating me differently because I’m not an attorney. For example, the court recently granted my wife’s attorney a three-day extra continuance regarding evidence and I was never notified by either the court


Accessing Account Passwords During Divorce

credit cards

Question: During our marriage, my wife and I stored all of our account passwords on a sheet of paper in our home office. During mediation, we agreed to provide the previous three months of bank statements, which should include credit cards. I handed mine over, but she has refused to


Why Are So Many Happy Couples Divorcing?

Broken photo frame of married couple

Common sense suggests that most divorces are years in the making. You picture a couple that marries young and happy then gradually drifts apart. Months and years of arguments ensue. Suddenly, they wake up one day and come to the realization that they’re miserable, their marriage is broken, and the