Pilot Program Aims To Solve Child-Support Problem

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It’s apparent that the child-support system in the United States is, at best, flawed. Perhaps the system’s biggest failing is how it treats low-income parents who lack the ability to pay. Once they fall behind on payments, even if it’s because of involuntary unemployment, arrears start accumulating and it creates


Do Men Take Breakups Harder Than Women?


Do men or women take breakups harder? New research suggests that women might experience more emotional turmoil after a split, but men have more difficulty recovering. Researchers from Binghamption University and University College London recently surveyed nearly 6,000 participants from 96 countries and asked them to rate the emotional and


Does A Stepdad Have A Shot At Gaining Child Custody?

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Question: I have raised my stepdaughter since she was 5 years old. I have supported her financially for the last 10 years as her biological father has been out of the picture her entire life. Unfortunately, my wife has started drinking heavily and I don’t think our marriage is salvageable.


Could An Anxiety Disorder Warrant An Annulment?

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Question: My wife and I are heading toward divorce. She recently started receiving treatment for an anxiety disorder after years of refusing as I pleaded with her to seek help. Does her mental condition, being classified as an illness by a psychiatrist, warrant any consideration to seek an annulment based


New Study Shows Divorce Experience Has An Upside


When you’re in the midst of a messy, painful divorce or separation, it can seem like life is over. Many people going through a split even use language and imagery that evoke images of death and dying. However, a new study suggests that people who have experienced extreme hardships, such


DadsDivorce Live: A Father’s Fight To Stop His Child’s Adoption

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Christopher Emanuel faced every unmarried father’s worst fear when he nearly lost his daughter to the adoption system despite his wishes. Fortunately, Emanuel was able to regain custody because he registered with South Carolina’s putative-father registry. Thirty-three states have a putative-father registry, which enables a man to declare himself as


How To Proceed With A Default Divorce

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Question: I am in the middle of a divorce/custody battle and trying to obtain either full custody of our children or have my child support obligation lowered. However, I have not been able to contact my wife in more than a month. We are at the point in our divorce