Gray Divorce: The Complications Of Divorce After 50

gray divorce

Although the reasons why are unclear, the divorce rate for couples older than 50 has exploded over the last quarter-century. Since the 1980s, the overall divorce rate has steadily declined. However, since 1990, the divorce rate for Americans older than 50 has doubled and more than doubled for those over


Catching Thieves: Ensuring Employers Submit Child Support


In most circumstances, a parent’s child support payments are automatically deducted from his or her paycheck through a wage garnishment or income withholding order. However, two stories recently emerged of an employer allegedly pocketing those payments rather than sending the money to the state child support collection unit. Unfortunately, this


My Wife Left With My Car And Credit Card

dividing car as marital property

Question: My wife left my children, my credit card and my car and told me she is never coming back. When I told the police, they said there is nothing that can be done since we are married and those items are considered community property. What can I do?


Terminating Child Support Upon Emancipation

college tuition

Question: I currently pay child support for both of my kids. One graduated two years ago and the other is graduating in two weeks. How do I terminate the child support payments for them? I thought it would automatically stop for both of them, but I was mistaken and I


4 Ways To Realistically Plan For Divorce

plan for divorce

Planning for a divorce is a tricky concept. Some men find themselves in a miserable marriage where it seems impossible that things could be worse post-divorce. This “divorce fantasy” causes them to believe everything in their life will remain the same after divorce except their partner will be gone. Reality is