Researchers Discover Divorce Spikes After Vacation Season

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It is commonly believed that January is “divorce month,” but a new study indicates March and August are the months that receive the most divorce filings. University of Washington sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini recently analyzed the last 15 years of divorce filings in Washington and


4 Road Trip Tips For Divorced Dads

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Summer is in full swing and hopefully that means you’re getting to spend some quality time with your kids. You might even be in the process of planning a big summer road trip. Of course, before you even start your vacation planning, there are a number of issues you need


Old Navy Father’s Day Campaign Misses Mark

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The retail clothing chain Old Navy recently found itself in hot water over its 2016 Father’s Day campaign. The store produced a T-shirt for the holiday that reads “It’s Father’s Day,” but the words “It’s Her Day” appear in bold white letters with the word “really” placed directly above the


Happy Holidays From DadsDivorce

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To our readers, We understand the holiday season is often not so merry for many of you. Some of you are still trying to cope with being single again while everyone else around you is so joyous. You might even be spending Christmas morning away from your kids for the first


5 Ways To Survive The Holidays As A Divorced Dad

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Over the last two months, much of the content on DadsDivorce has been devoted to helping divorced fathers survive the holiday season. We’ve covered different ways you can build new holiday traditions, explained how meditation can be used to cope with holiday stress, spoken with experts about guiding your children


5 Snow Day Custody Exchange Tips

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As temperatures start to drop, it’s only a matter of time before that first big winter storm rolls through wiping out school for the day (or days). Nothing is more glorious for a child than a snow day, but it can cause all kinds of confusion for divorced parents.