Happy Holidays From DadsDivorce

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To our readers, We understand the holiday season is often not so merry for many of you. Some of you are still trying to cope with being single again while everyone else around you is so joyous. You might even be spending Christmas morning away from your kids for the first


5 Ways To Survive The Holidays As A Divorced Dad

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Over the last two months, much of the content on DadsDivorce has been devoted to helping divorced fathers survive the holiday season. We’ve covered different ways you can build new holiday traditions, explained how meditation can be used to cope with holiday stress, spoken with experts about guiding your children


5 Snow Day Custody Exchange Tips

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As temperatures start to drop, it’s only a matter of time before that first big winter storm rolls through wiping out school for the day (or days). Nothing is more glorious for a child than a snow day, but it can cause all kinds of confusion for divorced parents.


DadsDivorce Live: Helping Kids Through The Holidays

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Although divorced fathers are likely dealing with their own array of emotions during the holiday season, it is still important to consider your children’s best interest before everything else. Despite possible feelings of loneliness, it is important for you to keep a positive outlook at this time of year because your


6 Ways To Build New Holiday Traditions After Divorce

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With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching and Christmas on the horizon, this is often an incredibly challenging time for recently divorced fathers. Here at DadsDivorce, we’re devoting a lot of content to this subject and offering tips and advice on how to survive this time of year. We’ve already tackled how to


Halloween Safety Tips For Divorced Dads

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Halloween can be a tricky holiday for divorced families because most divorce decrees do not address it as a holiday subject to a different parenting time schedule like more traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, it is incumbent on you and your ex to map out a clear


Happy Father’s Day From Cordell & Cordell

Father's Day

This Sunday, families across the country will celebrate the sacrifices dads make for the good of their children. At DadsDivorce.com, we try to recognize that commitment every day. In recent months we’ve written about the evolving role dads are playing in raising children, about how fathers are finally starting to