Top 10 DadsDivorce Articles Of 2017

divorced dadIn 2017, DadsDivorce covered a wide array of topics affecting divorce dads.

Every year, we strive to share articles with our readers that are loaded with tips and information to help guide them through life before, during, and after divorce. While divorce is never easy, we hope that with our help you are able to transition to the next chapter of your life on stable footing.

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment and look back at the 10 most-read articles from 2017.

4 Reasons Why Divorce Is Harder For Guys

For one reason or another, research consistently shows men take a longer time to recover from divorce than women do.

There are many elements that factor into making breakups so challenging for guys. For one thing, men face more health risks after divorce. They often tend to get the short end of the stick in custody arrangements more often than women.

Furthermore, guys are often caught off-guard as women initiate divorce 70% of the time and they’re more likely to be ordered to pay child support and/or alimony so they face an increased financial burden.

4 Critical Mistakes To Avoid During Your Divorce

The stakes are typically very high in divorce. With so much on the line, just one or two missteps can end up crashing your case.

Some of the most common mistakes guys tend to make during the process are making a big purchase before their case is final, abusing drugs or alcohol, sharing details of their divorce on social media, and leaving the marital home. Any one of these mishaps can end up having disastrous consequences.

The Most Common Mistakes Men Make After Divorce

There are plenty of mistakes men make during the divorce process that ends up costly, but there are also many errors you’ll want to avoid after your decree is issued.

Parental Alienation Considered A Threat To Public Health

Nothing is more tragic during divorce than when an innocent child is turned against a loving parent. This process of brainwashing is called parental alienation.

Parental alienation is a global problem that United Kingdom Chief Executive of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services Anthony Douglas referred to as child abuse that should be considered a threat to public health.

“I think the way you treat your children after a relationship has broken up is just as powerful a public health issue as smoking or drinking,” he said.

4 Habits That Keep You From Moving On From Divorce

Getting over divorce is rarely easy, but there are some nasty habits that many guys form that really slow down the healing process.

Many divorced men fall into the trap of holding a grudge, isolating themselves, dodging responsibility, and idealizing the past. It’s important to build healthy habits as you transition through the divorce process.

3 Reasons Why Shared Parenting Is Great For Families

The shared parenting movement has gained considerable steam over the past several years as more and more research shows this to be the best post-divorce arrangement for children.

Not only do children benefit from having access to both parents following divorce, but the entire family ends up better off.

The Never-ending Quest For Closure After Divorce

After divorce, many guys experience a deep desire for a sense of closure before they move on with their lives.

It’s natural to want to close the book on your last relationship before starting the next chapter, but many men fall into the trap of chasing after something that they’ll never actually find, which delays the time it takes them to heal.

It’s critical to avoid obsessing over this idea of closure in the aftermath of divorce.

Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.

4 Ways Divorced Fathers Can Up Their ‘Dad Game’

A divorce doesn’t lessen the importance that a father plays in their children’s lives. If anything, it magnifies it as their children need that steady influence more than ever.

After divorce, fathers can step up their “dad game” by working to be more present in the children’s lives, getting more involved in their school activities, maintaining peace with their children’s mother, and utilizing parenting resources available to help them improve as parents.

Act Quickly To Modify Your Child Support Order

Figuring out when and how to file a petition to modify child support can be very confusing, but failing to do so after a change in income can be disastrous.

If you fail to modify an order after a decrease in income, arrears can quickly accumulate and suddenly you’re stuck in an unending cycle of debt.

If you have any questions about how to modify your child support order, you should contact a family law attorney immediately.

Kentucky Shared Parenting Law Shows Power Of Grassroots Activism

One of the most significant victories of 2017 for the shared parenting movement came in the Bluegrass State where the grassroots efforts spearheaded by National Parents Organization member Matt Hale led to the passage of new legislation that grants children more time with both parents following divorce.

The activism in Kentucky should provide a template for other states to follow as shared parenting advocates seek to improve the child custody statutes across the country.

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