Enforcing Family Court Orders With Contempt Actions


Court-issued orders during or after divorce, such as a child support order or visitation schedule, are legally binding. Failing to abide by the conditions listed in the order can lead to you being held in contempt and will subject you to court penalties. This article provides a broad overview of


Video: Responding To Divorce Papers

Divorce is one of those things that you often don’t get the chance to prepare for. When you’re unexpectedly served with divorce papers, it can create waves of panic about what steps you need to take and what your future is going to hold. 


Split Allegiances: Dividing Friends During Divorce

friendship and divorce

Dividing things during divorce is a grueling process. You must sort through all of your personal assets, the house, the car, the pets, and even your kids. Then there are those items that can’t be divided by property division or custody laws: the relationships you have with your friends. It’s


The Never-ending Quest For Closure After Divorce

divorce closure

After divorce, it is common to experience a powerful desire for a sense of closure. Unfortunately, this need to close the book on your last relationship can be so overpowering that it plays tricks with your mind and can severely delay your healing process. In order to come to terms


7 Of The Strangest Causes Of Divorce

reasons to divorce

There are numerous factors that can influence a couple’s decision to divorce. The usual reasons are familiar. Finances are often a source of contention. Often there are disagreements over how to raise the children. Or maybe a couple just loses their sense of intimacy. But sometimes disagreements spring from unexpected