Does Divorce Turn Everything Into An Ex?


Guest Post From DivorceForce The breakup with the ex is obvious. But there is also a ripple effect of divorce on other relationships. Your immediate family. Your extended family. And friends as well. Let’s face it – you might want to end things with your ex-spouse, but you still love


The Divorce Diet: Male Nutrition Declines After Breakups

Man undecided between diet and junk food

Men already face numerous health risks, and those dangers are magnified following divorce. Divorce is inherently stressful, and that strain increases the rate of early mortality by up to 250 percent. When a marriage ends, it prompts wholesale changes to a person’s lifestyle. Just about every aspect of a man’s


When Should I Meet With A Divorce Lawyer?

divorce lawyer

Question: My wife and I are going through a trial separation. I stay with my parents a few nights a week while she stays home with our children. Last week she told me she doesn’t think this arrangement is working and thinks she may want a divorce. How soon should


8 Ways Divorced Dads Can Empower Their Daughters

fathers empowering daughters

By Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW There’s no denying that a girl’s relationship with her father is one of the most crucial in her life. The quality of that connection – good, damaged, or otherwise – powerfully impacts dads and daughters in a multitude of ways.  A father’s effect on his daughter’s