How Will Moving Out Affect Custody?

amicable divorce

Question: Things are not working out with my wife and we are looking into getting divorced. She wants me to move out of our apartment, but I’m not sure how that will affect custody with the kids. What should I do?


Explaining How The Discovery Process Works


By Ron Gore Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney “Discovery” is the process we use to identify and collect information and documents relevant to the issues in your case. As with every other aspect of your case, at Cordell & Cordell, discovery is a team effort. The first step in our


College Planning Checklist For Parents

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Millions of parents will be sending their kids off to college in just a month or two and that experience can seem a little overwhelming for many families. It’s emotional. Your son or daughter is leaving and if they are the youngest in the family then it will leave you