Split Allegiances: Dividing Friends During Divorce

friendship and divorce

Dividing things during divorce is a grueling process. You must sort through all of your personal assets, the house, the car, the pets, and even your kids. Then there are those items that can’t be divided by property division or custody laws: the relationships you have with your friends. It’s


The Never-ending Quest For Closure After Divorce

divorce closure

After divorce, it is common to experience a powerful desire for a sense of closure. Unfortunately, this need to close the book on your last relationship can be so overpowering that it plays tricks with your mind and can severely delay your healing process. In order to come to terms


Moving Past Hopelessness After Divorce

hopelessness after divorce

After divorce, it’s common to go through a stretch where you feel broken down and defeated. For many, that sense of defeatedness can last quite a while. It can even persist well beyond the end of the legal process. Wellness coach Lisa Arends, author of “Lessons From the End of


Cultivating Lasting Happiness After Divorce


As far as traumatic experiences go, it doesn’t get much worse than divorce. In fact, according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, divorce is the second-most stressful life event behind only the death of a spouse. A divorce signals the death of your marriage and often involves a grieving