Does Remarriage Affect Alimony Arrears?


Question: I pay non-modifiable alimony and owe a substantial amount in arrears. My ex-wife is remarrying and I understand that my payments will end because of that, but will her remarriage have any affect on how much is taken out of my check for the arrears?


Could Alimony Termination Lead To More Child Support?

child support payments

Question: My ex-wife’s alimony payments are due to terminate at the end of the year. She is now seeking to increase the amount of child support she receives due to the change in income that the alimony termination presents. Since alimony paid/received is considered income, will this change in income


Support Disagreements When There Is No Court Order

spousal support

Question: I am currently paying the state calculated suggested child support amount for one child voluntarily, not by court order. My spouse has also asked me for post-separation spousal support and I came up with what I thought was a fair amount, but she disagrees. What are my best courses


Can You Contest The Child Support Amount?

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Question: I have been unable to pay my child support for three months due to unemployment and they are threatening to take away my license. They are saying that if I pay the full amount now I can keep my license but I have to sign a paper saying I