13 Ways To Prevent Parental Kidnapping

prevent parental kidnapping

By Julie Garrison Special to DadsDivorce.com An ounce of protection can help ward off a lifetime of sorrow and frustration. The key in preventing parental kidnapping is to put protections and interventions in place that will prevent the child abduction from ever happening in the first place. Here are 13


Parental Kidnapping Warning Signs

parental kidnapping warning signs

By Julie Garrison Special to DadsDivorce.com There are certain behaviors that a divorced dad should be aware of that may indicate an increased risk of parental kidnapping in a divorce and child custody case.


Parental Kidnapping Laws

parental kidnapping laws

By Julie Garrison Special to DadsDivorce.com Each year in the United States, more than 200,000 children are abducted by a parent. Almost half of these kidnapped children were taken across state lines by their abducting parent and concealed, with the intent of keeping them for an indefinite period of time