Paying For The Marital Home Prior To Mediation

marital home

Question: Following our temporary divorce hearing the judge ordered me to pay child support and continue making payments on the marital  home until we meet with a mediator. I can’t afford to continue making these house payments. What are my options if my name is the only one on the


Dividing Home Equity As Marital Property

property division

Question: After getting married I moved into the home my wife owned. We refinanced the mortgage about 18 months ago and put my name on the loan as well as the title/deed. My wife now wants a divorce and says I am not entitled to any of the equity. Am


When Should Marital Assets Be Divided?


Question: I have investment properties managed by a partner who is my property manager. One of the homes recently sold and the property manager divided the check evenly between my wife and I even though we are separated and she has moved out. Shouldn’t those assets be divided at my


Most Popular Divorce Articles in 2013

popular divorce articles

One of the many differences between and other men’s divorce websites are the amount of divorce articles, interviews, and videos added to our site daily. Each year, publishes hundreds of fresh, new pieces of content. While the divorce forum is still the most popular section of and