Is Abandonment A Grounds For Divorce?

husband packing things

Question: My wife and I have been trying to work out our divorce for the past year while living in the same house. We haven’t made much progress in the settlement process and I recently had my lawyer notify her of my intention to move out. However, her lawyer is


Gray Divorce: The Complications Of Divorce After 50

gray divorce

Although the reasons why are unclear, the divorce rate for couples older than 50 has exploded over the last quarter-century. Since the 1980s, the overall divorce rate has steadily declined. However, since 1990, the divorce rate for Americans older than 50 has doubled and more than doubled for those over 65.


Disability’s Impact On Child Support


Question: I have been a stay-at-home father for more than a year. Although I currently receive no disability benefits, I am physically unable to work. Will my wife be able to sue me for child support? We are also in the process of selling a house and might split the


Paying For The Marital Home Prior To Mediation

marital home

Question: Following our temporary divorce hearing the judge ordered me to pay child support and continue making payments on the marital  home until we meet with a mediator. I can’t afford to continue making these house payments. What are my options if my name is the only one on the


Dividing Home Equity As Marital Property

property division

Question: After getting married I moved into the home my wife owned. We refinanced the mortgage about 18 months ago and put my name on the loan as well as the title/deed. My wife now wants a divorce and says I am not entitled to any of the equity. Am