The Latest Child Custody Trend: ‘Birdnesting’

bird's nest

There are very few life events more Earth-shattering for a child than when his or her parents divorce. Research shows that children do best in stable households where they know what to expect and feel, but that stability is difficult to maintain while shuffling from house to house throughout the


Should I Leave The Home?

divorce vs legal separation

Question: My wife and I are talking about getting a divorce and whether or not I should move out of the house. We have four children and both want what’s best for them, but I’m worried it will not look good if I leave. What is the best way to


Who Controls The Marital Home?

marital home

Question: My wife and I are in the process of divorcing. In the meantime, she has invited her family to come live in our home to support her, which has created a very uncomfortable situation for me. The house is under my name so can I legally do anything to