New NBC Sitcom To Show Loving Side Of Divorce

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In August, a new NBC sitcom will premiere starring Marlon Wayans that will show a more loving side of divorce. “Marlon,” which premieres Wednesday, Aug. 16 (9/8 CT), is a lighthearted comedy about a father doing his best to co-parent with his ex-wife. The star of the show says he


Video: How Can A Divorce Coach Help In Your Divorce?

It’s common for couples going through marital troubles to enlist the help of a marriage counselor, and many people seek the help of a financial advisor to help get their economic situation in order. Hiring a certified professional for guidance is a smart way to make it through many life


Post-Divorce Checklist: Tasks To Complete

post-divorce checklist

It is commonly believed that once a settlement is reached in a divorce case and the divorce decree is issued that the divorce case is finalized. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the time, that is a misconception. Usually, after a divorce settlement or trial, there is a host of housekeeping issues


Ideas For 5 New Holiday Traditions After Divorce

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Over the coming weeks, DadsDivorce will be sharing a lot of articles and resources to help divorced fathers make it through the holiday season. There are many issues for divorced parents to consider as the holidays approach. Of course, your top priority should be helping your kids through this typically


Society Should Do More To Celebrate Amicable Divorces

There are some fundamental flaws in the attitudes modern society currently holds about marriage and divorce. Social media is flooded with engagement selfies and wedding snapshots and your wedding day is always hailed as the “best day of your life.” Unfortunately, all this warm-and-fuzzy hoopla results in the other side