5 Bizarre Divorce Laws in the U.S.


By Katie Davis

Divorce can have a huge impact on people’s lives and can certainly make those involved with it act in unusual or atypical ways.

But, sometimes, the actual divorce laws are already pretty strange. Read through these five different divorce laws, which exist in separate places across the U.S. and are just a tad bit bizarre.

Kentucky – In the state of Kentucky, it is absolutely illegal to divorce your spouse and then remarry that same spouse more than four times.

Tennessee – Tennessee states that it will allow an individual to get a divorce if his or her spouse tries to poison that person or attempt any other form of malice on that person’s life.

Delaware – If friends or acquaintances pushed one or two individuals into the marriage as a “jest or dare,” then the divorce can be annulled.

Kansas – In Wichita, Kansas, mistreating your spouse’s mother-in-law cannot be legitimate grounds for a divorce.

New York – Your marriage can be annulled in the state of New York if your spouse has become incurably insane for at least five years.

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