5 Interesting Facts About Modern Dads [Infographic]

Modern dads are busting so many preconceived notions about fatherhood.

In generations past, fathers tended to be a source of financial support for their families, but were often emotionally distant. However, research shows that is no longer the case as today’s dads are finding unique and creative ways to connect with their children.

Moreover, modern dads seem to care more about what it means to be a father as their paternal role forms a central part of their identity.

The below infographic shows several interesting statistics about today’s fathers and the roles they play in their families.

Fatherhood Infographic

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3 comments on “5 Interesting Facts About Modern Dads [Infographic]

    How much time and effort and fight should I put into obtaining complete equality in regards to physical and legal custody? My son will be 2 this Thursday and his mother and I are expecting our second child together in May. We lived together for under a year, been together for 3 1/2+ but never married each other. I’m really hurt and angry in regards to the lengths and lies she has deliberately gone to inorder to keep me from fulfilling my rightful place as my child(rens) biological and only father.

    Interesting facts. Its interesting that all connected with our parents experiece, we wants to give kids think that we dont have or some kind of that. Does it mean that if u have bad father and became a good person you will be a best father? 😀
    P.S. Where did u make this infographic?

    Absolutely agree. This preconceived notion of what a dad is based on the past is false. A lot of us grew up with biological parent and know how it feels to not have but one so we dont want our kids to grow up that way. My daughter have made me a man I never thought I would become. They make me a better person every day by teaching me patients and softness that I was always was thought was a weakness. Turns out it’s a strength. When I see those two smiling and laughing I cant get enough of it. When I see them sad it shows me a heart break i dont want to experience. People need to start realizing it’s not like the past there are at home dads now due to daycare being so expensive. Back then there were not at home dads because it was frownedupon.

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