5 Weekend Outings to Cement Your Role as the Cool Dad

Divorces are rough on everyone, especially the kids.

One way of making the transition easier on your kids is planning plenty of fun dad day activities whenever you have them for your part of joint custody or visitation.

The experiences you have and memories you create help to take away the sting and uncertainty of life after divorce for your children.

Dirt Biking

Love the great outdoors? Consider taking your kids on a dirt bike ride.

The American Motorcyclist Association suggests going with a small bike at first. Resist the urge to size up to a bike they can grow into as it will be difficult to ride.

Start with easy trails and share the bonding experience of being in the great outdoors along with the fun dirt biking.

As they get older, you may transition to larger bikes and burlier trails. Look through an online dirt bike part store to find the necessary parts, accessories and safety gear for your next dirt biking trip.

Photo by GFDL via Wikimedia Commons


The local gokart track is often home to all sorts of entertainment. Gokarting is a fun and action packed adventure that helps drive a competitive spirit in your kids and yourself, along with getting the adrenaline pumping.

In addition, gokart tracks often have batting cages, arcades, and other fun activities to entertain your kids.

Photo by ND Strupler via Flickr

Airsoft or Paintball

It’s time to head back out into the woods with a paintball or airsoft gun in hand. This activity provides plenty of exercise and fresh air, along with a lot of fun scenarios that range from speed balling to slow hunts in the woods.

According to Paintball Action Games, paintball can teach your children about honor, fairness, and safety. Who says you can’t have fun and learn some of life’s lessons at the same time?

If the weather isn’t great, look into indoor paintball and airsoft arenas. Paintballs and airsoft hits do hurt, however, so if your children prefer a similar activity without the impact, consider laser tag.

Photo by Alex McClung via Flickr

Science Museums

Learning is fun, especially if you have an interactive science museum nearby. These museums are geared towards kids, but there’s plenty of interesting activities for adults too.

Some science museums have specific themed areas, while others give an all-around look at the sciences. Keep the curiosity and wonder in your kids by letting them see how awesome applied science is.

The Association of Science Technology Centers offers a comprehensive list of science museums in the U.S.

Photo by Ashley Pomeroy via Flickr

Car Shows

Do your kids share your love of cars? Consider taking a day trip to a car show to see some of the best cars in an up close and personal fashion. There’s hot rod shows, classic car shows, super car shows, and everything in between.

Some shows include races and other competitions, so you aren’t just looking at cars all day. Some car shows, such as the ANPAC shows, are created with kids and family friendliness in mind.

Photo by tonylanciabeta via Flickr

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